Geekchic OOTD: Meet me in Batuu

It's funny my last outfit post here was a Star Wars-themed one because since then the Star Wars-themed land, Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire Outpost, has opened at Disneyland. AND I HAVE BEEN TO THERE.

Before I get too excited, for those of you not as obsessed with Star Wars as I am, the Galaxy's Edge addition to Disneyland (and Disney World later this summer) is meant to be unlike any other part of the parks. It is an immersive space where you'll find no Star Wars-branded or Disney-branded merch. You're meant to feel like you've ended up in a remote outpost - Black Spire, on the planet of Batuu - in a galaxy far, far away. The cast members speak in-character as denizens of the town. Star Wars characters you may recognize walk around, conducting their own business, though you can, of course, ask them if you can take a picture (get your image scanned) with them. They might not say yes, though.

In any case, I love it immensely because it fulfills a dream of mine - which is to feel like I can visit that world. I was lucky enough to get on 3 separate reservations to go during the first weeks' "soft opening" that ended last week. Of course, I planned 3 separate Star Wars-y outfits for it! I'm sharing them here so they can hopefully inspire you to get into the spirit of dressing up.

I'd previously shared on The Sartorial Geek blog outfit ideas for Light Side Style and Dark Side Chic (check these posts out for more geek style ideas!), but these were the outfits I actually wore to Black Spire Outpost.


This is a Rey-inspired outfit. I started with a favorite Elhofferdesign piece, the Scavenger vest, and styled an outfit more based on Rey's gray-toned "training/Resistance" outfit on Ahch-To. I've used a tan jumpsuit before for her Jakku look, so this time I went with gray to go better with the vest. I was afraid it would get hot, which it kind of did, so I left the vest's matching arm warmers at home and substituted with fingerless gloves.

Outfit details: Strappy Jumpsuit (Lou & Grey - on sale!) // Galactic Scavenger Vest  (Elhofferdesign- retired) // Snips Fingerless Gloves (Elhofferdesign) // Hutt Slayer pin (Looking for Leia - pin unavailable, but here's a patch) // Belt (Target- similar) // Rey Boots (Po-Zu)


Our second trip was for the last 4 hours until park closing. Black Spire Outpost was lovely during the day, but it's just as wonderful at night. Since I was only at the park for 4-ish hours and mostly there to shop and eat, I could to wear a slightly less practical outfit.

There are a number of villains in Star Wars who sport bold looks that aren't just black on black. In that tradition and again because I wouldn't be spending an entire day in the park, I decided to wear a maxi skirt with celestial designs. The lightsaber was kindly lent to me for photos by my friend Goldie, who built it at Savi's Workshop that very night.

Outfit details: Cold-Shoulder Top (Maje) // Sacred Fractals Maxi Skirt  (Blackmilk- sold out, but other styles available) // Ceres Moon Necklace (Earthling Jewelry- sold out)


I wasn't sure what to wear for our final reservation to Batuu, which was right at park opening and meant we'd still have an entire day at Disneyland after leaving the outpost. This outfit came together in a very last minute way, but it's probably the simplest and the closest Disneybound to a character's actual outfit that I did for these Black Spire trips. I've also been meaning to style something for Leia, and this was the perfect opportunity - especially because the Sister ended up being Luke.

The hardest part of this look was actually the hair. My hair never cooperates with styling, and I knew the iconic cinnamon buns would never stay up all day. The Hoth vest made me think of Leia's braid crown, but I ultimately went with Leia's Bespin hair style because it was within my skills. Plus, she does wear the white Hoth jumpsuit on Bespin - just without the vest!

Outfit details: Women U Crew Neck Tee (Uniqlo) // Princess Leia Vest (Her Universe) // Universal Thread White Jeans (Target)// White Converses (Converse on Amazon - yes, these kids' shoes are the ones I have. There's a low-top adult version)

I think the biggest reason it took me so long to attempt a Leia look is because her most iconic outfits are all white. I am a messy person, and so an all-white outfit feels like I'm trying to attract stains. Luckily, I was fine for this Disney trip!

As I said in my Sartorial Geek posts, I like dressing up in the style of the world because I think it's more fun, and I think it makes the pictures look cooler too. Now, the Disney Parks dress code still applies even at Galaxy's Edge- no costumes for guests 14 and over. But that's what Disneybounding is for, and you can always check online and with cast members if you're worried your look is too costume-y.

Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire Outpost is now fully open to the public - only a valid Disneyland admission required and you have to join a Fastpass like Boarding Group that'll tell you when you can enter. Hope you liked this post, and I can't wait to see YOUR Star Wars adventures on Batuu!

* * *

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