Randomosity on Fridays

Up today is a classic randomosity post because Real Life has been kicking my butt lately and Alz is suddenly, inexplicably, but NOT fatally ill! It's a weird summer cold, and luckily this time, she didn't give it to me.

Anyway, without further ado, here's what's been up in the land of Krispy.

1. Calligraphy: To pick-up from Alz's post last Friday on calligraphy, I thought I'd show you some of mine. Sort of. I did indeed borrow the calligraphy book from Alz, but I haven't been learning the formal forms. I'm addressing Save the Date envelopes for my BFF, and she likes my handwriting enough that she told me to just write them. No calligraphy needed!

HOWEVER, since I love doing this stuff, I had to make it at least KIND OF pretty. So I've been doing a little freehand calligraphy with the addresses, and the calligraphy book is helping me incorporate some of the prettier aspects of the different fonts that I like. Here's a sample of what my handwriting looks like.

2. Loki, the Cute Overlord: The puppy is still taking up most of my free time and some of my not-free-time (like my sleep time). I was looking at pics I took of him when we first got him, and he is SO BIG NOW in comparison! They grow so fast, and he's such a little tricksy scamp now! I say this, of course, with the utmost affection.

3. Graduation: Last weekend, the Sister graduated from UCLA. It was a big deal, partly because it was local so more of our family could go. My little Baby Bear Bruin sister is all grown up now, *sniff sniff.* Traditions were upheld, many pictures were taken, fountains were danced in.

You're only allowed into the Inverted Fountain after you've graduated.

More fountain dancing (fountain by Royce)
Me in front of Powell Library where Bradbury
wrote Fahrenheit 451!
Congrats, Sis!
4. Only in Los Angeles: I also realized recently the things that I take for granted living in SoCal. For example, I was tweet-chatting with Caroline last week about Pinkberry, and she mentioned she was going to try it for the first time because one had finally opened in her area. I was surprised because Pinkberry has been out here for a long while now (since it originated here). This led me to thinking about all the other random stuff I don't realize non-LA area people aren't used to. (Aside from the celebrity sightings / talk of celebrity sightings.)

Like how I went to a cupcake ATM after the sister's graduation. Yes, the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM is real and it works.

On the celebrity sighting side of this, only in LA would I get a text from the Sister at 9:38pm Wednesday night while she was working a show that said...


5. It's June: I'm freaking out that June is more than halfway over. My brain still thinks it's the end of May. How is the year going by so fast? Movies I've been wanting to see are out (BRAVE this weekend!), follow-up books I've been wanting to read (Insurgent! Bitterblue!), Sister graduated, I'm actually starting to do work related to my BFF's wedding (bridesmaid dress bought!), etc. etc. It's all moving too fast for me!

Also, why the heck has this summer been so mild weather-wise? I mean, I like the sunny but not sweltering, but I seriously need some consistent heat so I can go swimming. Summer is the only time I'm like consistently exercising! C'mon California!

Q4U: Apparently, it's the ALA Conference this weekend in Anaheim. I, unfortunately, will not be attending, but will any of you be there? OR What's something about your locale that you take for granted?


Connie Keller said...

Congrats to your sister!!! How exciting!!

I've been wondering how Loki was doing. Love the photos.

BTW, re. hot weather, I wish I could send some of ours to you--95 today, plus humidity. Ugh.

Caroline Richmond said...

Darn it, I STILL need to make the pilgrimage to Pinkberry! Maybe this weekend? Maybe I should go watch Brave and then grab Pinkberry! Perfect!

Also, yayyyy for your sister's graduation! What fun pictures! Incidentally, UCLA was my dream school when I was in high school. And yep, I didn't get in. Haha. Oh well!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

Caroline Richmond said...
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Tracey Neithercott said...

Um, I would like to steal your puppy and cuddle him until he's full grown. Gah, how do you get any work done when he's JUST SO CUTE?

Also, LA is like another world to me. Sometimes it makes me laugh (see: cupcake ATM). Sometimes it makes me jealous (see: cupcake ATM). I think one of the things locals where I've lived take for granted is the history, though I've always loved that about the places I've lived. I grew up in Mass, which is basically a tribute to the Revolutionary War, a couple towns over from where the Shot Heard 'Round the World happened on my birthday. Maybe that's why I've always loved all this stuff. I moved to Philly and later DC, both of which are rich in history. I think a lot of people who live around history all the time take it for granted but when you think about it, it's so incredibly cool. Or I'm incredibly nerdy.

Julie Dao said...

Congrats to your sister on graduating! You guys look terrific. Loki is so darn cute. Please FedEx him to me as soon as you can... I promise I'll return him. (Maybe.) And thank god cupcake ATMs don't exist up here, or I'd be 2190790175 pounds heavier.

Emy Shin said...

Congratulations to your sister! I'm fascinated by the inverted fountain tradition. At my university, everybody walks through the huge arch at the school's main gate from the outside in at matriculation. And the tradition is to walk out through the same arch at graduation. Legend has it that anybody who walks out before graduation won't be able to graduate. Now I'm curious about all the cool post-graduation traditions at other campuses. :)

Sophia Chang said...

omg Congrats Cat!!! We should take her out - we need to meet at that tea place finally.

Uhhhhh cupcake wannnnnt now.

And yes I'll be at ALA tomorrow.

Angela Brown said...

Three cheers for Little Sis graduating! Yay!!!

Cute Overlord is just so darned adorable :-)

And seriously, an ATM to get cupcakes ? Really? I so miss living in SoCal.

My area is small. The only thing about here is that our version of bad traffic here is normal traffic in a metropolitan area. Yeah.

Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations to your sister!

Great pictures of Loki.

I've heard of cupcake ATMs before, and they still amaze me.

Lydia Kang said...

Wish I was going to ALA! Ah well. Maybe next year!

I like the lettering you're doing. I could see it on a bookcover...

Barbara Ann Wright said...

LOL at RPatz.