Picture Perfect Puppy Piggy Friday

Damn you, Friday, if only you were called Priday instead.  Then my alliterative title would have been perfect!

Ahem.  Welcome, folks, to another of our Randomosity on Fridays--this time, Puppy Style!  Because as you may or may not know, the Krispy and her sister adopted a puppy.  This past week has been one of adventures and frolics and discipline and cuteness, and I am in the happy position of getting to play with the puppy without doing any real work.  Hooray for friends who adopt puppies!

First things first though before puppy picspam: the ever wonderful Sophia featured Krispy and me in her A Day in the Life series.  Twice the fun because there are two of us, complete with photos and doodles and tales of swashbuckling unicorn derring-do!

Second things second before puppy picspam: This is my new best friend who I found at Target while searching for an article of clothing with which to perpetuate an eyesore of a monstrosity upon the world if only I could find the proper type and color of garment to mutilate.

This pig is such a violent shade of pink that the iPad camera can't deal.
Picture with Madatee who is mad because he always is and also doesn't like matching Piggy.
I walked past the toy section, did a 180°, seized the pig, and announced unto the world, "If he's under $10 I will buy him." 

Price check scan: $9.99.

Said the Alz, "THE PIG IS MINE."

And now, finally, what you've all been waiting for--PUPPERS!  Meet Loki.

Left: Bewildered in his new mommy's arms.
Right: His face is sad: probably because this pic was taken right after
he got unmanned at the vet's.
He's a German Shepherd mix and he's adorable and getting into the nippy stage.  In particular he likes Krispy's sister's toes, Krispy's shoes, and trying to hamstring me.

Left: Sitting and looking alert. And maybe thinking about eating rocks.
Right: Forlorn because he's forbidden to go out. Or maybe just sleepy.
He's so cute.  Especially when he romps, or faceplants in the dirt because he's running too fast, or smacks into Krispy's legs because he hasn't yet figured out how to put on the brakes. 

All right, I'm running out of words because I'm too alsdfja;dslfja over puppy adorability.  Also, I'm probably inventing all sorts of weird personality quirks for the puppers in my captions because I can't entirely remember what Krispy said was going on in the photos.  So just have puppy picspam!

Puppies!  Piggies!  Pictures!  Have a good weekend, peeps.  Have you acquired a new best friend recently, be it in fur, flesh, or plush?


Julie Dao said...

*dies* I WANT THAT PUPPY! If he's a German mix, he's going to be a big guy when he grows up, right?! I love big dogs. And that pig is absolutely a violent shade of pink. You guys are the best. Please say you'll take me out to bubble tea and stuffed animal shopping when we meet up one day?

Caroline Richmond said...

Awwww! I'm dying of cuteness! I want to smoosh him!

Unknown said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Oh my goodness he is so incredibly cute! :D

Sarah said...

Oh. That is a very cute animal. Thanks for posting those pictures!

Sophia Chang said...

You did NOT call him Loki bahahahahahaha

Angela Brown said...

So I noticed the furry dog of cuteness overload is called Loki. So should we refer to him as the Cuteness OverLord?

Let me Hmmmmmm on that one :-) I'd wonder how that came about but I have a sneaky suspicion I know...

Okay, back to the cuteness overload!! Absolutely adorable.

Connie Keller said...

I love your puppy. Okay, I love puppies and dogs. (We have a black Lab, even though I'm allergic.)

I'm sure you know this, but just in case, remember to have bones ready for when he cuts his adult teeth--otherwise, he'll chew furniture, shoes, etc.

My daughter is coveting your pig--she's a huge fan of pigs.

Golden Eagle said...

He's adorable! Great pictures. :)

Barbara Ann Wright said...

So....cute...going...into...cute coma....

Lydia Kang said...

OOOOOMG, he's so cute! Sooooo cute!

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Congrats on your adoption! What a sweet little face. Love the name Loki for your fur baby! The little piggy is quite precious too. :D

linda said...

Yay, more puppy pics! :D

Ariana Ferrone said...

Oh my god you got a puppy and you named him Loki and he is adorable and hufdajlka <3

Sherrie Petersen said...

Okay, I know we talked about this before, but what a doll that puppy is! I bet he gets away with everything when he turns that sweet face your way :)

The funny thing is, my daughter named her puppy Lucky but my husband calls him Loki because he's such a trouble maker!