Random- Oh heck with it!

As most of you know, Blogger was out of commission all of yesterday. So try as I did, I could not put up a blog post today, alas! I guess Friday the 13th was bad luck for Blogger.

Instead of writing a post, I went out for boba and chatted with Sophia about her trip to South Carolina and Tennessee.

However, fear not, dear friends! I will be back on MONDAY with the post I was going to put up today. It will be filled with deliciousness!

Have a great weekend, and see you for a special Monday post, May 16th!


Sophia Chang said...

South. South Caroline. As in, still flies the confederate flag Carolina.

Krispy said...

Sophia- LOL. Changed it! I realize now that I typed North Carolina because I'm doing some NC-related work right now.

Emy Shin said...

i suspect a conspiracy between blogger and friday the 13th; there must have been.

XiXi said...

YAY. I know, blogger deleted my book review for a day and I flipped out because I spent so long typing it. D: Angst. But it's back now, although it seems to have deleted all comments I posted that day too. Whoops.

Excited for Monday!

Angela said...

Can't wait!