The Final Grade: 2010

Christmas is past, and we are approaching those final few days. I can't believe it, but 2010 is already coming to a close. It is not just the end of a year; it is also the end of the first decade of the 2000s. How crazy is that?!

With the New Year coming, it is time to make some resolutions, but FIRST, I need to give myself a final grade on the resolutions I made at the start of this year.

1. Establish more consistent writing habits. This was supposed to be like 15 minutes every day or something, which I didn't do. I did, however, write practically every day for the second half of the year thanks to a little website called 750words. This is a big improvement for me, even if most of the "writing" I did was gibberish. GRADE: B

2. Finish 2 of 4 short stories. This is my sad face. Major fail here, but I did work on them on and off throughout the year. GRADE: F

3. Work on 2009 NaNo story. Another major fail. The bright side is I did NaNo again this year with a different story and got much further. 2009 NaNo isn't abandoned. It's just on hiatus while I work some kinks out. I did actually plot it out, which is kind of big for a pantser like me. GRADE: D

(I'm starting to regret doing this...)

4. Write down my ideas. Yay! Finally something I can give myself a positive(ish) grade for! I'm not what you would call organized about this, but at least I'm putting it down somewhere or telling someone about it. If I had my way, I would just hoard it away in my head. This counts as progress, yes? GRADE: C+

5. Blog more. I know, we only run consistently once a week here, and it's the Randomosity post at that, but I'm kind of surprised that I managed to keep this up! And look, we somehow managed to get over 50 followers. Am I surprised? Yeah! It's awesome! All of this is a big deal from the inconsistent, half-dead thing this blog used to be not so long ago! I'm definitely going to have another blogging-related resolution for 2011. GRADE: A-

6. Read more. Done done and DONE! I'm so proud of this one because I don't think I have ever read this much in a year without it having to be for school, and even then, I think this is a new record! 35 books! That's a lot of reading for a slow reader! GRADE: A+

So I have a C average for the year of 2010. This makes me somewhat depressed, but now I have the determination to do better next year! All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how some of these resolutions went.

I will be back after the New Year to post my new resolutions and maybe wax poetic about 2010. Until then, be safe and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

How was your 2010? How did your resolutions and/or goals go? What was your final grade?


Sophia Chang said...

haha I was so epic fail I called my resolutions dissolutions.

I'm sticking with my birthday goals (my year starts in August since I work in education) instead of January resolutions this year!

Thanks for the visit as well - I read the beginning of "that YA book" after much anticipation and hooplah - and yeah...

So which one's the book you're finishing now?

Krispy said...

I like dissolutions!

I'm finishing Torment, the sequel to Fallen - the other big fallen angel YA. I liked Fallen okay, so I thought I'd give Torment a looksie. :)

Emy Shin said...

C is an awesome grade. I'm sure if I actually grade myself, I'd be faced with a big fat F. :D

Anonymous said...

I also give myself a C for 2010. I was slow with the wips, but made a lot of progress, and spent too much time social networking (although I've scaled back). I read more than I usually do, which was good.

Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

I choose not to grade myself. Most likely because I'm never fair on myself and everything across the board would have been F's.