Randomosity on Fridays: Getting to know me/you!

This is a not so usual Friday 5! I had some stuff in mind, but now that I'm sitting here typing this, it has all slipped my mind. Don't you hate it when that happens? I can't believe it's already getting to the end of October!

1. My sister was studying this weekend, so I stole The Lost Hero from her and read it in like a day. The set-up for the new series is quite intriguing! Also, PERCY!!! Yes, I already wish the next one was out, but mostly because I like the direction this is heading and I can't wait to see if what I suspect is indeed true.

2. Shopping this past weekend was successful! Not only did a find a nice dress for my costume, the dress is also totally okay for wearing when it's NOT Halloween! Don't think I outright said it yet, but I'm going to be a wind-up doll of the Victorian/steampunk variety.

3. My co-blogger (yeah, I have one... she's here somewhere...), Alz, is furiously working on her MFA thesis, which is soon due. This means I have recently been bereft of her company, but I wish her well. Cheer her on as she approaches the finish!

4. I'm going to start watching True Blood this weekend. My friend's costume has something to do with it and I would like to get the reference. Plus, said friend bought me Season 1 for my birthday. It's about time I started watching it.

5. Now, here's where things get a little different. The lovely Jen at Unedited did a Why You're a Stalker post yesterday. It's short and cute, and it's a cute way to let everyone get to know everyone else a little better.

So without further ado, here's my random set of stats.

Who are you?

Easy Answer: Krispy, 24, Writer/Procrastinator/Chocolate-eater

More detail

Unabashed nerd
Internet addict
Loves dogs
TV show marathoner
Sometime, wannabe poet
Karaoke mic hog
Muse at best in shower
California girl
But I don't like driving
Laughs a lot
Weakness for shoes and jewelry
Giant sweet tooth
Slow reader
Food lover

I think that's quite enough about me. I want to hear about YOU. Your turn to spill. Tell me about you! Also, anyone else going to read Lost Hero or has anyone already read it? What did you think?

By the by, I've got my Nano profile linked in the sidebar for those of you who are NaNoing this year. Let's be buddies! :)

Peace out for the weekend, friends!

P.S. If you haven't heard about this or checked it out yet, take a look at the It Gets Better Project. It's definitely worth your time. Let's raise awareness about the dangers of bullying and let our youth know it gets better.



Christina Lee said...

OOOh a true blood costume, sounds GREAT! YAY to dogs and chocolate!

Tere Kirkland said...

I'm about 100 pages into TLH, started it last night and it is great so far.

I want to love True Blood, but certain things started to annoy me after a while, but I really do like the mood and a lot of the characters, especially in season 1.

Hope you post pics of your Halloween costume! I'm probably not going to go all Kill Bill (Elle Driver. It's all about the sexy eye-patch man!) this year, since we're staying home and giving out candy. I ought to be something less scary for the kiddos. ;)

Elena Solodow said...

Love me some True Blood. What's her costume? Just posted a vlog with a bit about myself.

I'm with on the muse in the shower part.

David de Beer said...

it has been a while since Alz posted, but quite understandable now. I'm sure she'll do brilliantly.

I actually had no idea you liked dogs. Any particular favoured breed?
Chocolate-eater is an excellent choice of career, lots of delicious perks, although I hear the pay is a little iffy:)

ok, I'll play:

Who are you?

David. 33. Writer, ex-blogger, current member of homo sapiens.

More detail

Adores coffee
Reborn comics fan
Chuck and Big Bang Theory addict
prefers winter to summer
Loves Les Miserables and folks-y ballads
uncomfortable in groups [my stint in SFWA hammered that one home hard]
known most of RL friends since high school
prone to brood and overthink
impulsive streak
misses guitar [it's somewhere and one day shall be resurrected, oh yes]
worships A Song of Ice and Fire
shallow sense of humor

yeah, I think that'll do.

btw, have you thought about running a weekly "snippets/ quotes" post? saw you asking for snippets in a prvious post, but almost as an afterthought at the end and nearly missed it. I tend to enjoy reading those kind of posts.

Lydia Kang said...

I loved learning the details about you! Looks like we have a lot in common with the food love, internet addict, wannabe poet...but I'm an East Coast girl!

ali cross said...

Fun! I want to see your costume when you get it done ~ will you post a picture? My son wants to be a steampunk knight, lol. Yeah. Hmm.

We went to hear Rick Riordan speak this week! He gave an awesomely fun presentation. My son's read The Lost Hero, but I haven't yet. Unfortunately, it's still fairly far down on my TBR list. But I'll get to it eventually. I love Rick!

Unknown said...

OMG this was brilliant!! What a surprise to run across your blog and see such a special shout out to me!!! How sweet are you?! It was so great getting to know you a little more!!!

BTW there were several things we had in common... muse in shower, internet addict, giant sweet tooth!

Danyelle L. said...

The Lost Hero is on my list! In my stack. On my nightstand. :)

Yay for successful shopping trip! Will you be posting pics? *crosses fingers that this will be so*

I'm...heh...me. The world is my spindle, and words are the fibers running between my fingers as I spin my yarns. O:)

Tahereh said...

hahaaaa AWESOME!!


Along These Lines ... said...

An Indecisive Procrastinator - interesting combo.

Ishta Mercurio said...

Love your clockwork costume idea - I saw something like that on The Mentalist the other week, when Patrick had to go to a secret club where the members all dressed like people from steampunk novels. (You should check out my blog contest - your costume idea would be perfect.)

About me: sleep-deprived, overextended, housework hating, short, big-haired, my muse lives in my shower, non-driving, migraine-sporting. ;-)

Have a great day!

Krispy said...

CHRISTINA- Still need to watch True Blood!

TERE- Yay, glad you're liking it! As for scaring children...but it's Halloween! Part of the fun is being scared! (Okay, but I admit I hate being scared, haha.)

ELENA- I have no idea what her costume is. I heard it might be Sookie, but since I haven't seen TB...

DAVID- I hate spiders too (as you know), and I do love coffee! As for dogs, I don't really like little dogs much (like the really little ones). I'm always afraid I'll step on them or something. I love German shepherds, probably because I used to have one. I like dogs that look more lupine most, but I generally like most kinds of dogs.

Will think on that snippets post idea! I rather like it.

Krispy said...

LYDIA- Being an East Coast girl just means you deal with cold a lot better than I do! ;) That and possibly you are more stylish, but then again, I'm all about the casual & comfort.

JEN- Giant sweet teeths unite! :D


NICK- Less interesting combo, more incredibly unproductive. :P Thanks for stopping by!

Alz said...

Oh Krispy, you need to take a million and a half pictures so that I may wallow in your shiny costume! Also--

David - Thanks for the faith. ;) I'm aiming for brilliant, but at the moment I'm at the rough-but-with-a-good-general-shape stage, like an uncut diamond.

Nayuleska said...

Ooooh - TLH is coming up on my TBR pile :)