Randomosity on Fridays

Hello lovelies! I hope you had a nice week. Mine was okay but marred by my inability to predict the traffic on my daily commute. Anyway, LET'S IGNORE THAT and celebrate it being FRIDAY! Yay!

Here's a quick five.

1. In other news, I'm trying my hand at writing horror. Just a short story, but eh, we'll see how it goes. Must be Halloween getting to me. That and my frequently RAGE-inducing commute. Yeah. Horror.

2. I think I need to cut back on the caffeine intake. I love coffee, but I've been drinking a lot more of it than usual. It's losing its effect. In college, I used to cold turkey it a week or two before I knew I would need it - say midterm week. Speaking of college and coffee, I really miss the bianca mocha from Cafe Strada by campus. It is arguably my favorite coffee drink. SO GOOD.

3. My sister's home and has The Lost Hero with her. She's not done yet, so I need to control myself and not steal it from her.

4. My epic summer of concerts has finally come to an end (I think). September ended with Muse and Vampire Weekend. This month finished it all off with Maroon 5 and opening act, One Republic. SO. MUCH. MUSICAL EPICNESS.

5. I'm putting together my costume for Halloween. Last year, I was Alice in Wonderland (harhar). This year, I'm going steampunk because steampunk is awesome. Also, I love Victoriana and accessories, lots and lots of accessories.

Those are my 5. What are yours? What are you planning for Halloween? Have a splendid weekend!

P.S. As a reminder, the amazing Tahereh is giving away more money for books on her blog. You have until Oct. 19 to enter!

P.P.S. For those of you who follow college football, specifically PAC-10 football, this weekend is the formerly epic match-up between USC (frequent Pac-10 and National champs) and my darling California Golden Bears (frequent breakers of my non-existent heart - that's how much angst they've wreaked upon my college life). Now, neither team is as good as they were in past years and Cal hasn't upset USC since 2003 (the year BEFORE I started college), but it's still kind of exciting. Plus, the game is down here this year, which always makes me nostalgic for my freshman year when I made a trip back home to see the game with my friends. So, for old times' sake, GO BEARS!


Tere Kirkland said...

Oh, I'm so excited for your Halloween costume (so no pressure!), since I'm probably going to go with my old standby of a blonde wig and an eye-patch a la Kill Bill. Need to find a real Hattori Hanso this year...


Also, I really want to read The Lost Hero, so I can't wait to hear what your sister and you think of it!

Have a great weekend.

Lydia Kang said...

You'll be a great steampunk girl! You'll need a corset and some boots and maybe some aviator goggles...I'm going as an overprotective mom. Luckily, I wear that outfit quite often.

Krispy said...

Tere- Hey, that's a pretty cool costume! :D We'll see how mine goes. I think I'm too lazy and not creative enough for this.

As for The Lost Hero, I JUST finished it, and it was amazing! Like, I seriously love it. It's a good opener for the new series. I just really like the set-up. :D

Lydia- If only corsets were easier to come by! LOL, I like your costume. It's a good one. :)

Anonymous said...

I really want to try my hand at writing horror.

I don't know what my plans are yet.

Elana Johnson said...

Oh my heck! I love Maroon 5--I would give almost anything to see them. Adam Levine is divine. *swoon*

Melissa said...

I added you on Nano! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Ummm WOW! Total music epicness is right! I love ALL of those bands, you are now and forevermore one of my FAVES!

How was I not following you before? I'm confused and slightly disappointed in myself!

Love last years costume! I hope you put pictures up for this year.

My copy of Lost Hero is in the mail as we speak, should be arriving on friday!