Randomosity on Fridays: August Week of WIN

Not to sound like that TV show, but this has sort of been the BEST WEEK EVER. How? Let me count the ways.

1. Last week ended nicely with two movie nights for (500) Day of Summer and 10 Things I Hate about You, in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt uttered the line "You can't treat people like that just because you're beautiful" or some variation of that in both movies. And both movies were sooo good. It was Luce's first time seeing 10 Things (finally!) and the wonder that is Heath Ledger belting Can't Take My Eyes Off of You in the bleachers, backed by a marching band. A+++

2. Um, Writeoncon was this week, and it was awesome! I just wish I could have done more of it in real time, but alas, day job! Thanks everyone who pulled together to make that happen! Free online conferences filled with awesome peeps FTW!

3. I did so much exercise this week (for me) that I think I'm still on an endorphin rush. Yoga and swimming, yay! Not nearly enough for me to compete with Krunchy in the Hunger Games Workout though. I mean, look at her.

4. On the 16th, I turn 24. OMG. I may be going out for insane karaoke tonight, though that's less for my upcoming birthday and more like crashing someone else's bash. But it will be fun!

5. You know how sometimes I think the Universe is out to get me and how I say I never win anything (except lately...thanks for all the books!)? Well, turns out I'm wrong on both counts. You know those radio station giveaways? I never get in, much less win anything.

On Monday, August 9th, I called in, made it through, and WON A MACBOOK. I picked it up Wednesday.

Picked up my NEW MACBOOK today! Still can't believe this... on Twitpic No, I did not have to answer a question or sing a song or complete a lyric. I just called in and was caller #20. I think LiLa told me my lucky number is 22 when I won a book from them. So, 20, 22, I'm turning 24 (like one of my formerly favorite shows)...hmmm... I actually don't know where I'm going with this.

So yeah, I've been on one lucky streak. I've been on a high since Monday since I've never won anything this big, and it is beautiful and shiny. Timely too since I've had my laptop for a long while now, and my dad's been saying maybe it's time for a new one, though I love my laptop and it still works okay!

I'm going to name my new shiny Aesil, after the Luck Demon in my WIP. Seems appropriate.

The Universe has been kind and freaking AWESOME to me of late. And I'm going to pay it forward...on Monday but first, here's a teaser pic.

Have a happy, glorious, frolicsome weekend everyone! I know it's Friday the 13th today, but I hope it becomes your lucky, lucky day. I hope the Universe is being kind to you too! PEACE OUT.

P.S. A HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout-out to the lovely artist and fellow lover of Disneyland, Miss Beverly_E!


Gennia said...

Congrats on the MacBook! That's super awesome! I never win anything...

I actually work with MYfm since they're owned by Clear Channel. They give us all the free Disneyland tickets. I definitely approve of your win!

Tere Kirkland said...

Awesome prize! You rule! And happy early birthday, girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, a Macbook! That's so amazing. Congratulations!

Beverly Ealdama said...

thanks!! =)

WritingNut said...

Congratulations on winning a Macbook! That's amazing!

Danyelle L. said...

WriteOnCon was awesome!

Happy Birthday! Karaoke sounds like a lot of fun. (I've always been too chicken to try it, but I want to one day.)

Squee for the MacBook! *hugs hers* I love writing in Scrivener and MacBooks are just made of awesome! Congrats!