Randomosity on Fridays: Video Edition

Hello all! Sorry for the lack of non-random posts of late. Beginning of the month is crazy work time, which tends to leave me drained. There's also the fact that it's already the 2nd week of March, and I remembered suddenly that one of my resolutions was to finish at least 2 of the 3-4 stories I've started. So naturally, to fulfill this goal, I decided to start A COMPLETELY NEW ONE. I know. The logic is staggering in its lack of logic.

So anyway, I'm glad it's almost the weekend! I'm preemptively celebrating by eating a giant stick of Pocky, Thin Mints, and chocolate covered gummy bears. Chocolate covered gummy bears, how I've missed you! Haven't had them for like a year, and they are so good. TRY THEM if you haven't.

To kick start the weekend off, here are some random and awesome things you should check out if you haven't already.

1. Elana Johnson is having a Fantabulous Followers Giveaway over at her blog where she's giving away 7 - read it, SEVEN - signed books. Well, I think 6/7 will be personalized. How sweet is that? It's a contest in conjunction with ANOTHER contest on Suzette Saxton and Bethany Wiggins' blog also involving really awesome giveaways. All those books are tempting, but I don't know if I should be pushing my luck. (More on this later/see #4.)

2. Have you seen the Handsome Men's Club? If not, WATCH IT NOW. There are indeed some mighty handsome men there.

3. OK GO. You know, that band with the video where they're dancing on treadmills? Well, they've got a new video out. It's already gone viral with over 7 million - that's right, MILLION- views, so you might've already seen it. If you haven't, WATCH NOW.

Proving that it is so totally cool to be nerdy/geeky and weird. I LOVE THEM. You should also check out the FIRST version of the video for "This Too Shall Pass" which is sadly NOT embeddable but still very awesome. Check at all their videos. I love them! They're awesome and hilarious and write catchy tunes.

4. I won a copy of the book DREAMING ANASTASIA by Joy Preble from the very funny and gracious Lisa and Laura, who did a fun review of the book and interview with the author on their blog. I am UBER EXCITED because 1) I never win stuff! and 2) LiLa are going to get the book signed for me! Yay! THANK YOU, ladies! Everyone else should check out their blog for more upcoming giveaways and general hilarity.

5. Um, so fyi, I'm a huge US History fan girl. I kid you not. Mostly, I'm kind of in love with Alexander Hamilton, but I will stop myself before I get too far off topic. You can imagine my surprise and curiosity when my friend tweets me a link to a book with the question "Have you read this?" and the link leads to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Brought to us by the people who gave us Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (which I still haven't read), this book is not a prank (I mean, it does seem kinda like a prank) and it has a kick ass book trailer.

As my friend put it, "Wow it's like Supernatural with abe lincoln!!!" Indeed. Two things I really really like. Talk about worlds colliding.

And that's a wrap! No vlogs from me yet, guys. I haven't worked myself up to that quite yet, and besides, I'm incredibly boring. Happy weekend!


Danyelle L. said...

Awesome links! Abraham Lincoln is one of my favorite people of all time. :D

*grin* *chocolate for your Muse*
Are you working on finishing shorts or novels or something in between?

Krispy said...

Dany- SRSLY, Lincoln was one awesome dude. :D Killing vampires just increases his coolness. Haha.

They're supposed to be shorts, but I notoriously suck at writing shorts. I don't know why I continue to attempt them, but I guess it's because otherwise, I'd have a billion novels. -__-' Thanks for the chocolate.