Random 5 Tidbits for Friday

Tomorrow's the first day of Spring! Anyway, let's get to it. Five Random Things on Friday.

1. I find this amusing: Interrobang: Spork of Punctuation. So true. Yes, I enjoy grammar/punctuation humor. Yes, I'm a total geek.

2. I really want to write a steampunk story, but I feel like the amount of research required is too daunting. I don't think I can wing my way through something like that, pretending to sound like I know what I'm talking about. Also, anything steampunk-ish I do would be skewed more towards fantasy than science, but I feel like I'd have to be familiar enough with the scientific bits, and Science and I do not have a very good relationship. (Physics and I don't get along. Mainly, it involves Physics crushing my soul and possibly eroding my will to live back in high school.) On the flip side, I'm pretty geeky, and I do actually enjoy research. Just not the kind that involves setting up your own experiments and stuff. I like reading and learning random stuff, so I might get hopelessly sidetracked.

3. There was an earthquake Tuesday night, which I was actually awake for. Even weirder, I was awake like half a minute before anything started shaking! Usually, I sleep through night-time earthquakes. Go figure.

4. My friend thinks she's coming down with a cough or sore throat. I recommend Pi Pa Gao, a Chinese herbal medicine. Have no fear though! No doubt you've heard horror stories of awful, bitter tasting concoctions that look as bad as they taste, but this is NOT one of those! It looks a little scary because it is a thick, black, viscous liquid, but I think it's kind of delicious. It does taste "weird" to those who have never tried it. It's sweet and kinda minty, and it soothes a sore/dry/irritated throat like no other. I swear by it. Plus, Jason Mraz drinks it, and he has the voice of an angel - if angels were laid-back, new wave hippies, and one time street performers.

For more info, you can look at this link about Pi Pa Gao.

5. Watching Law & Order makes me really paranoid about breaking the law. No, like REALLY paranoid. You have no idea what kind of stuff they can get you on. Don't mess with the District Attorney's office, guys.

What's your Friday five? Have a warm, sunny weekend or at least a pleasant one!


Merc said...

I would love to see what you do with a steampunk story. ^.^

Elana Johnson said...

I too don't enjoy research. Therefore, I write stuff that I get to make everything up. Or at least, mostly everything.

Alz said...


Elana - Though I do enjoy some research, I have to admit that one of the greatest pleasures (and reliefs) of writing fantasy is that I can make up everything with impunity and sound quite authoritative about it. Whereas if I were basing something on an existing culture, place, or people, I'd be obligated to be accurate--and live in fear of getting things horribly, horribly wrong.