More 2010 Resolutions

All right, all right, Krispy, I wasn't going to make resolutions since I usually fail at keeping them and this depresses me, but since you've done it, so too now shall I! Maybe this will be proper incentive to actually actively pursue their keeping.

1) Like Krispy, I'd like to establish more regular writing habits. This is not to say that I don't write a lot already--but I could be writing more, and I could be doing it on a more consistent basis. And I could also probably due with focusing on only one a couple a few projects at a time.

2) Finish Nanowrimo 2006 story, which incidentally is also probably going to be my thesis work for grad school. Quite important, yep. Really should get that sucker done (and completely revised).

3) Blog more!

4) Read more!

5) Get published!

6) I'd love to finish Nano 2007/2008, although since it turned into a gigantic overly complicated monster sprawling for page upon haphazard page with no end in sight, it would necessitate a massive rehaul. Which I probably shouldn't do until I've fulfilled resolution #2.

7) I'd also like to get around to that total revision and renewal of the Syldraverse story--which, unlike #6, I may be able to start despite #2 because it'd be a clean restart. Except that I might get carried away with it, so maybe not. But we shall see. Everyone needs an outlet. Actually, that would be 3 projects, wouldn't it? Nano '06, Nano '07/'08, and Syldraverse Remix. Hmm...will have to think about that...I think the '07/'08 is too much to handle in conjunction with other major projects, so we'll nix that and move on to the next...

Of course, this is to say nothing of--

8) Our Baby! Our co-novel for which we started this blog in the first place! Our original endeavor! I say that this is NOT an iffy resolution, Krispy, but a firm and decisive one, concrete of will--nay, iron of will! Titanium! Adamantium! We've had a nice long break from it, which is probably a good thing; now we can go back and look at what we did, decide what works and what doesn't, rehash, revise, replot, replan, and finish our outline, and then get around to actually writing it!

Ah, yes. I think that will do nicely. I'm excited because it's been so long since we discussed our neglected baby and did any plotting or concentrated development--but hopefully now that our schedules have been sorted out, we'll be able to resume our sojourn towards collaborative awesomeness.

Here's to 2010 and the keeping of resolutions! *toast*


lisa and laura said...

Fabulous list! I love that you guys write together. Isn't it the best?

Krispy said...

LiLa- It's pretty awesome. Alz keeps me on my toes and in line when I get lazy (and I AM the lazy one of the duo).

Alz said...

If you're the lazy one of the duo, Krispy, then we are a sad, sad case of writerly slackerhood. XP

Lisa&Laura - Most of my list is merely rephrasing Krispy's or stems from her somehow. Collaboration is nice though because while the other person is writing, you've some breatherspace and get to see your work grow at the same time. :D