Personally, I find that collaboration helps a great deal with regards to actually producing writing. I work better when there's a deadline, and I also work better when there's a little judicious prodding going on in the background. While we have not set a deadline for ourselves, Krispy and I sufficiently prod each other every day for our daily dose of delicious cookieness. Partnership! Tasty indeed.

This is the longest collaboration we've ever done. F'realz. I mean, technically speaking, I suppose that our neglected Penny Drabble is the longest as in we worked on it over a longer period of time (months—maybe even a couple of years?) but really, this Holiday Cookie trumps all both in terms of length and intensity of production. We've written far more of our Holiday Cookie than of our Penny Drabble, and within a much shorter span of time, practically all at once. One or the other of us has been cookie-ing practically every day as we roll out the wordage dough between us and stamp it over and over again with our own character-shaped cutters. That was a bizarre metaphor and I don't care.

I daresay that I'm particularly happy with this cookie because it means that Krispy has been writing a lot more than she normally does and I'm a greedy bastard who will take all that I can get and if getting more necessitates incessant nagging, then nag I shall! Krispy understands this because she reciprocates in kind. Thankfully we've got our momentum going good and strong and the cookie is ever mounting in size, and the nagging is at a minimum for the both of us. We blasted through the latter half of December and have not plugged through January so much as frolicked, and with determination and high spirits I'm sure we will be just as frolicsome going into February.

We are familiar enough with each other's characters to write them pretty well, we know what we're doing or at least appear to know what we're doing, and if ever there are doubts or uncertainties, there's this marvelous feat of technology known as instant messaging that facilitates consultation. We're going strong. We cannot be stopped. We are invincible! We're a two-person army, are Krispy and I. We're like the Spartans only instead of 300 of us it's just 2. Three hundred might seem like a more dramatic number, but really, what if only two held off the Persian army? How's your drama then, eh? Eh? Silly, you say, too silly? Not as far as Greek mythology goes. What was I talking about again?

Ah yes.

Are we getting anywhere?





I think so.

With a minimum of bloodshed?

Well, now that I think about it, I do believe there has been no bloodshed at all. So far. Although this is, of course, subject to change as whim and passing fancy dictate. Which is basically how this entire cookie is proceeding, although we do have a vague plan for the future to which we shall adhere: The setting is a dinner party and a dear friend of ours has graciously provided us with a simply superb menu, and so there will be, in the very near future, without qualm or question, food.

And lots of it.

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