Congratulations are in Order!

Like the title says, there are some congratulations to be made. Let's go chronologically backwards.

Back on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, it was our dear Val's birthday. Val is sort of the reason for the name of this blog and he is a character in the novel Alz and I have been discussing (though not recently because we've been sidetracked by a random side-project and the ever nefarious Real Life). He is sweet and a little bit of a pushover and he is entirely too easily overwhelmed for the task he has been assigned, but it's okay! We believe in you, Val! You will rise to the challenge! (or gloriously combust with the effort...) He was created more or less on Valentine's Day one year ago, which also accounts for his name. However, Val is not short for Valentine.

Now to go further back. On Feb. 5, Alz got her first paid acceptance for publication! The story will be in the 4th Jabberwocky anthology. So CONGRATS! to her. :)


Alz said...

Awww, thank you, darling! Dude, has it really been two years? Not just one, but TWO? D: Our baby is two years old?!

Krispy said...

It's not. My bad. It just feels like FOREVER for some reason. Hahahaha. Thank goodness. Terrible twos would've been -_____-

Merc said...

CONGRATS, Alz! :D That is awesome news! *throws flaming confetti*

Alz said...

Thank ye kindly, thou Merc! :D :D