Geekchic OOTD: Here We Are- Feminist AF

In honor of Women's History Month & International Women's Day earlier this month (March 8), I'm joining Kelly Jensen's week-long feminist celebration on social media! You can join too by posting whatever you want in celebration of feminism (blog posts, tweets, Instagrams) and using the #HereWeAre. (Details are in the link above.)

The big social media blast day is today 3/15!

For my contribution today, I thought it'd be fun to do an outfit post featuring a great shirt from fave geek-girl brand Jordandené and paying gentle homage to 2 feminist icons- Rosie the Riveter and Wonder Woman.

Nevertheless, She Persisted

In February 2017, when Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced by Senate Republicans while she read Coretta Scott King's letter opposing Jeff Sessions, women everywhere were given a new rallying cry by Senate Majority Leader McConnell when he defended the action with the words: "She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted."

Too bad no one ever told these people that women are all too familiar with being dismissed and silenced and as such are also experts at persisting against the odds.

So when Jordan put this phrase on a shirt (comes as a tank, a mug, and phone case, too), I absolutely had to get it.

And to make this look a shout-out to strong women, I wanted it to call back to historical icon Rosie the Riveter - a propaganda tool used by the U.S. government when they wanted women working during World War II. Rosie has since become a symbol of women in the workforce and a reminder of the contributions of women during the war era. To do that, I went with casual-fit blue denim and a red star-spangled ribbon for my hair.

I last minute added the bangles I bought 2 years ago for my Wonder Woman costume to add a little geek girl power to the whole thing. And bright red lips, of course, to top off the Wonder Woman vibes and as a nod to Kumander Liwayway - real life teenage resistance leader, who wore lipstick to war and kicked so much ass while looking straight up fabulous.

Learn more about Liwayway here: https://storify.com/themackenzilee/bygonebadassbroads-commander-liwayway

Outfit details:
SHIRT (Jordandené) // JEANS (Uniqlo) // SHOES (E8 by Miista) // BRACELETS (Forever 21 - similar) // HAIR RIBBON (Forever 21 - similar) // BACKPACK (Longchamp) // LIP COLOR (Colourpop in 'Creeper')

Hope you like the look, and remember, you can dress and look however you want and still smash the patriarchy. Work!

And to help you level up your feminist wardrobe, I'm giving away 1 Jordandené "Nevertheless, She Persisted" tank or shirt (your choice) to one of you lovely people!

The giveaway will run until the end of the month (3/31) and is open internationally (or rather anywhere Jordandené ships). Enter below.

(Disclaimer: I'm running this giveaway of my own accord, and I'm featuring Jordandené gear because I truly love it and I think Jordan is lovely. Plus, I support women-run small businesses.)

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Unknown said...

Through you, I learned about Commander Liwayway - thank you so much. <3

Natalie Patalie said...

I love the way you styled this!! Commander Liwayway ftw <3

Unknown said...

I'm a feminist because I believe in equal rights. I'm a feminist because I've witnessed sexism in my own workplaces. I'm feminist because I believe in a woman's strength.

Johanna said...

I love that you gave a "gentle" nod to these feminist and geek elements. I love the idea that an outfit can mean something and be a conversation starter, rather than just nice clothes.

Unknown said...

Feminism is important to me, not only to help myself learn how to navigate this complicated world, but so I can help teach my daughter and son how to do so as well.

Usagi said...

I love this outfit. I really need to get this shirt for my collection!