5 Fandom Friday (27): My TBR Pile

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It's been a while since I've done one of these, and frankly, the world is on fire right now. So it's been hard to have the energy to blog or write. I'm living a constant state of stress and exhaustion. THAT SAID, this is a welcome distraction, and I do miss talking about books and sharing geeky things with you.

This week's prompt is about our To Be Read piles, and I have one that could stretch to the moon, but here are a few that I need to get to this year or bust. :)

1) THE STAR-TOUCHED QUEEN by Roshani Chokshi

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I'm actually reading this RIGHT NOW. Meant to read it all last year because I'm such a huge fan of Roshani's writing. I found her through poetry and then her short stories, and her words are so lush and vivid you feel like you can reach out and hold them. So far, this read is as magical as promised.


This book technically doesn't come out until May this year, but a perk of being friends with the author is sometimes getting an ARC! The book is about a girl who uses K-Dramas as a blueprint to navigate her love life. Hilarity ensues, I'm sure.

3) OUTRUN THE MOON by Stacey Lee

I need to read a Stacey Lee book, period. Both her debut UNDER A PAINTED SKY and this one have been acclaimed, and I am always down for more books starring Asian characters written by Asian authors.


I'm now 2 books behind in SJM's Throne of Glass series. Gotta catch-up this year before the final book out next year.

5) THE RAVEN KING by Maggie Stiefvater

I know, I know! I love the Raven Cycle books and this last entry in the series was like my TOP anticipated book last year. But I think I'm afraid of it being over, so I've been putting it off. Definitely going to read this asap.

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Q4U: What's on your TBR? Have you read any of these?

If you want to join in next week, the prompt is: Galentine's Day Gifts!


Kristin Hackett said...

I still have to read The Star-Touched Queen as well and I'm DYING to read I Believe in a Thing Called Love. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it!!

Beth W said...

Great picks (and I love your bookstagram)! I need to actually start those series, myself... there's just never enough time to read everything.

Ravanel said...

Wow, great picks! There are definitely some here that I will have to check out myself. My own pile has a lot of not-easy-to-read stuff - I guess that's why it's still on the pile...

Also, I'm super impressed with your photography skills. You pictures look so beautiful! :)


Always love your photos babe!!! Let's get reading!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos and great picks! I'm behind on the Throne of Glass series too, need to remedy that ASAP!