5 Fandom Friday (11)

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This week's theme: Favorite Fandom Accessories I Own

1) The Marauder's Map (dress)

One of my favorite things in the Harry Potter books is the Marauder's Map. I loved how they made it come to life in the movies- how it worked and how it looked. So when I went to the HP Studio Tour last year, I had to buy one. It's not exactly an accessory of the wearing kind - unless you put it on a dress! I know, a dress isn't really an accessory either, but this Blackmilk number is seriously one of my favoritest fandom things.

2) Ravenclaw tie

In keeping with the Harry Potter theme (because hey, I'm a bookworm!), another favorite accessory is my Ravenclaw tie. Ever since the movies came out, I've wanted either a House scarf or tie. The tie is subtle enough to be worn as a headband/hair-ribbon or regular tie, but it's also easily recognizable; makes for some of the easiest cosplay ever!

3) Loki Necklace

I'm so lucky that my co-blogger Alz has crazy jewelry-making skillz0rs. I commissioned her to make me a necklace based on the gold band on the front of Loki's armor, and she did a great job. It is simple, elegant, and subtly geeky.

4) Sherlock-y Mementos

Slightly cheater-y because this is a group of things, but it's from an outfit I was going to wear at SDCC last year but wasn't able to. But what you should really note is the Sherlock Holmes silhouette pin and the Sherlock wallpaper print leggings. The pin I got in London last year at 221B Baker Street at the Holmes museum (along with another pin that says 221B), and I love it because you can basically use it to geekify any outfit! (The hat, if you're wondering, was also from the museum.)

The leggings are Goldbubble's Sherlock-inspired BORED leggings, which I saw 2 years ago thanks to the Nerdvember challenge; one of the Set to Stunning ladies wore them in one of her outfits. I knew I had to have them, and so when GB re-released them, I snapped them up immediately.

5) Hamilton Necklace

I don't know how "fandom" US Revolutionary & Critical Period History is, but that subject is something I fangirl about (as you can see in this post where I flail about History Channel's Sons of Liberty), which is no secret to my friends. Also not a secret, my inexplicable crush on Alexander Hamilton.

So when Alz made me a Hamilton necklace for Christmas, there was NO WAY it would not become one of my favorite geeky accessories. FAVORITE. Look at it. It's incredible. I can't believe she made it.

Bonus pick: Awesome leggings

I had to add my BM Hamlet leggings because they were my first (and still favorite) BM leggings, it's my favorite play, and it speaks to my literary soul. And the mecha leggings are here too because they are badass.

What are your favorite fandom/geeky accessories?

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Anonymous said...

You have some really cute things here! I love that Loki necklace!


You are NEVER not adorable!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! I cannot wait for The Music Maven to go to the Sherlock museum and buy everything, her head is gonna explode! I also think you have great photo skillz girlie!! That loki necklace is amazingly perfect!! You should wear it for Toms Spirit Week on Tuesday! xx

Kristin Hackett said...

LOVE the HP dress (obviously)! And OMG that Loki necklace is AMAZING!!!!

Usagi said...

I want everything especially that Loki necklace OMG I just have no words. Also, I never thought about using my tie as a handband. New life for my Slytherin tie!

Unknown said...

I love these! Seriously, all of them.

Kendall-Ashley said...

That Marauder's Map dress is so cute! And I love your Loki necklace and your Loki-dog! Too cute! :)

Cateaclysmic said...

I'm not a HP fan but I do love that dress I'm a sucker for anything map printed and those Hamlet leggings have been on my wishlist for the longest time! Also that Loki jumper on your dog is the cutest thing ever I totally need to get some fandom wear for my pooch! xoxo

♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

Alice said...

OMG I LOVE THE The Marauder's Map dress!!!

ChikSolo said...

Yay for Ravenclaws! Great list, I especially love the Loki necklace - and the pic of you in your Loki gear with Loki in his!

Whimsy and Noir said...

Such a fashionable list!! I love everything. The map as a dress is so clever, and Alexander Hamilton as a fangirl crush?? LOVE. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I'm pretty sure my brain just photo copied your entire list and added it to my ongoing nerdy wishlist. Everything on here is just awesome! :)