What's Up Wednesday (42)

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Lucky me, I'm currently reading 2 ARCS: Sarah Maas' HEIR OF FIRE and Kendare Blake's MORTAL GODS (Goddess Wars #2). Back in March, we were part of Kendare's Mortal Gods Cover Reveal blog tour for this book. Both of these books will be out in September in US.

I also finally finished LONG LANKIN. It was sometimes terrifying and all around creepy. Apparently, there's a sequel on the way!


The verse story and dabbling with an old WIP. Check my RSW update for my progress + small excerpt.


It's been a tough few days in the world, and that makes looking on the bright side hard. But I've been inspired by the outpouring of support, grief, and love that recent events have garnered.

On a happier, I'm also inspired by the amazing and incredible things friends are doing. For example, one is working on a project for NPR!

Similarly, Twitter friend Sarah Enni has road-tripped across the country to do a podcast series with YA authors about writing, books, creativity, and life. (If you're interested in checking that out, go here: First Draft with Sarah Enni.

In book news, Twitter/blog friend Lori M. Lee had her debut GATES OF THREAD AND STONE release last week. Congrats! Also released last week was another Twitter/blog friend's book, Sarah Fine's OF METAL AND WISHES. This week, I have April Tucholke's BETWEEN THE SPARK & THE BURN (sequel to Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea) to look forward to!


Since the last time I updated, not too much besides trying to catch up on sleep and whatever TV I missed while Comic Con-ing. Speaking of SDCC, I have uploaded all of my pictures, so there will be recaps beginning this Friday soon! (I've also finally started uploading all of my London/Paris pics from February this year...)

Other things I've done:

  1. Mini Liam Neeson movie-fest. We watched Non-Stop, which was kind of disappointing. So we watched Taken and then Taken 2. All in an evening.
  2. Upon hearing that The Mighty Ducks movies were up on Netflix, I marathoned those this past Saturday. They actually didn't have D3, but whatever, the 1st 2 were better anyway. The Sis realized that she hates Coach Bombay; I mean, get it together! Little!Pacey is so over your BS.
  3. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy when it came out and loved it! Such a fun and funny adventure with great music, and certain pop culture references had the Sister in tears. We're going to see it again with friends this Friday!
  4. Speaking of Guardians, though he is covered in blue and black make-up and barely recognizable, I needed more Lee Pace after seeing GotG. So I finally watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day on Netflix - in which LP is utterly charming. I also introduced the Sister's friend to Pushing Daisies and am fairly certain I've made a new Lee Pace convert.
  5. I watched Spice World this weekend (it's been on the DVR). Girl power will always be cool.
  6. Loki (as in our puppy) killed another mouse. He's a mighty hunter.
  7. It's going to be my birthday this week. Ahhhhh!
  8. Outlander - so far, we like it! We also have some amusing stories regarding the Outlander promo-guys-in-kilts and castle booth at SDCC. Will be sharing those in the recaps!

And on that note, separate from the actual SDCC recaps. Here's a look at our geek fashion this year at Comic Con!

Pre-Comic Con Day outfit: galaxy skirt + THOR muscle tank

Day 1 Outfit: Catwoman-themed (the Sister) and Hannibal fannibal-themed (me).

Catwoman shirt, cat ears headband, cat-eye sunglasses, Slytherin TOMs.
DIY flower crown, plaid shirt, (nightmare) stag & dining set necklaces.
Plus, an owl ring and Blackmilk Hamlet leggings to round things off.
Day 1 Night for the Nerd HQ party: Star Wars themed

Blackmilk Death Star dress, cosmic necklace, starburst & druzy rings, silver cuff. Hard to see,
but Sis is wearing her Blackmilk AT-AT dress & AT-AT necklace made by Alz.

(The AT-AT dress and necklace look like this...

The Sis on May 4th aka Star Wars Day this year.
Day 2 Outfit: Casual Cosplay Wonder Woman (me) and Aquaman (the Sister)

Star-spangled skirt, Blackmilk mermaid leggings, silver & gold accessories - including lucky
find WW-looking necklace,  DIY starfish headband, and very appropriate POW ring.
(More details on this casual cosplay in a later post!)

Oh, and our friend Jenn had an ADORABLE Doctor Who-themed outfit.

Her Universe TARDIS skirt, 11's red bow tie, 10's sonic
screwdriver, and Converses! [Photo courtesy of: Jenn]

Day 3 Outfit: Sherlock-themed outfit (me)
-Including sleeping-in-Hall-H-line outfit (bottom left: Bang! sweatshirt, Bored leggings, galaxy scarf)
-For day time, accessories I was supposed to use but didn't because it was too hot (top left box: deerstalker hat and Sherlock Holmes silhouette pin from the Holmes museum in London!)

Goldbubble Sherlock-inspired BORED leggings and Loki-inspired necklace. Was supposed to
have accessories: deerstalker hat, blue scarf, Holmes silhouette pin, question mark ring.

Day 4 Outfit: Loki-themed (me)
- I actually bought this dress on Day 3 at the Her Universe booth in the Exhibit Hall.

Her Universe Loki dress, silver cuff, Loki armor-inspired necklace made by Alz.

Come back Friday next week for more geeky goodness and story time! Until then, have a great week!

What's up with you?


ELAdams said...

I love the photos!

I thought Guardians of the Galaxy was fantastic! I'm slightly jealous that you're reading HEIR OF FIRE already. Have a great week!

Miss Cole said...

The photos are great! Such style :D

Jess @ Jessticulates said...

It looks like you had great fun at Comic Con - I love the Hannibal outfit! :D

Have a lovely week!

Tonja Drecker said...

Love the outfits! My daughter and I were discussing about somehow going there someday. The first thing she started talking about was clothes ;)
Still have to see Guardians, but it sounds awesome.

Melanie Crouse said...

I love your outfits. It looks like you had a great time.

I've never seen the cover of Between the Spark and the Burn before. So, so beautiful. Those are some of my favorite covers ever.
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Long Lankin sure sounds creepy. Good luck writing!

My What's Up Wednesday post.

Melanie Stanford said...

Your outfits are so cute! I love how they're all themed without being actual costumes! Great idea.
I'm excited to read Gates of Thread and Stone- it sounds awesome.