Home Away from Home

Recently, the dog-sitter finding site Dog Vacay reached out and asked me to share a place I considered a "home away from home." They look like a bunch of fun peeps (just look at their blog!), so I thought I'd respond to their request. (Also, I guess this proves that I totally post about Loki too much, hah.)

I actually spend quite a bit of my down time in various spots around my actual home because most of the cafes near me are either Starbucks or kind-of-loud boba tea places and I don't actually spend that much time at my local library. So I wouldn't consider any of these places "home away" spots.

Which makes me a little sad just because back in college, I used to spend so much time in cafes, which were also crowded but seemed more cozy. Maybe it was because there wasn't loud music playing or maybe it was because there was a different sort of energy - the kind only to be had when there's a college crowd crammed into a small space. Or maybe it was the indoor/outdoor set-up of my favorite cafe. I don't know, but I always enjoyed the vibe I had there whether I was studying or just there to chat with my friends.

Since I went away for college, the 4 years I spent up in NorCal sort of made the area my home away from home. I still hold fond feelings for the Bay Area when I go up there. People say your college years are some of the best years of your life, and while I'm not sure about that yet, there was something kind of wonderful about all those moments spent lying in the grass on the lawns or reading under trees or while sitting on the steps outside stately-looking buildings.

My return to campus a year or two post-graduation.

Nowadays, my "home away from home" is a little more abstract, but it's one my fellow bookworms will recognize and totally understand.

My already way too full bookshelf.
It's books. It doesn't really matter where I am as long as I have a good book with me because I can let myself get lost within those pages. I don't really need anything else, though I do favor a particular corner of the couch. :)

As for Loki, he's been lucky enough to have people come over to take care of him when I'm away. So he has not yet had to have a home away from home. BUT if he did, I think Alz's yard would be the closest thing since he's played there a couple of times and Alz is his favorite sitter. (That's why she's his godmother.)

Loki with Alz's feet in the background.

Thanks to the lovely people at Dog Vacay for reaching out to me for this project! And if Loki ever needs a sitter, maybe I'll check out their site for options! And if you're looking for a dog sitter, they might be an option for you too!

Q4U: So, is there somewhere you consider your home away from home?

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