Road Trip Wednesday: Favorite Childhood Book

On Wednesdays, the ladies at YA Highway host Road Trip Wednesday, where they provide an easy prompt that can be answered anywhere - including on Twitter with hashtag #roadtripwednesday.

This week's topic: What was your favorite book as a child?

I can't really answer this with one definitive book as I have loved many, but probably the first that comes to mind is Anna Sewell's BLACK BEAUTY. Not only did it appeal to my love of horses, it taught me the heartbreak of losing beloved characters early on. (What is it with children's books killing off dear animal friends? I have never gotten over Stone Fox or Where the Red Fern Grows!)

The version I own from childhood.
The Penguin Deluxe Edition I would like to own.

My love for this book eventually led me to Walter Farley's THE BLACK STALLION, which I possibly loved even more. But that might also be because that was the first book in a fairly long series, and I made it a goal to finish them all. (And I did, but the first is still the best.)

I'd also be remiss if I didn't also mention THE BOXCAR CHILDREN and THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD. I read both these books in 3rd grade for class and loved them so much, I continued with the series.

Because seriously, how fun did living in a boxcar without adult supervision sound? And who wouldn't want a magic cupboard that brings your toys to life?! To this day, I have more Boxcar Children books than any other and I don't think I've even read them all. I was obsessed.

Q4U: What were your favorite childhood books?


Miss Cole said...

Soooo... you like horses? ;)

Haha, Boxcar Children is something my American best friend loves too. I've never read it.

Northern Lights (aka The Golden Compass) was, and still is, my favourite childhood book. Something about that great big adventure really resonated with me and still does.

Heidi was another favourite. I should re-read that ^_^

Samantha K said...

What a trip back to my childhood. I remember all those. However I was a sci-fi girl from the start. I loved the Young Jedi Knights series about Han Solo and Princess Leia’s twins. When I found those books I realized that reading could be wonderful.