Whatever Wednesday: Video Edition

Hello and good day, for 'tis Wednesday the 29th and quite nearly the end of May!  'Tis also then the near end of Asian American Pacific Islander Month and whilst Krispy and I did intend to post more things related, never did we get around to it or so the universe has fated.  Whyfor is this post written in rhyme?  Perhaps because Alz has the time.

ENOUGH OF THAT AHEM.  Anyway, to round out our lackadaisical APA Month postings, Krispy and I wanted to share with you this very special video by Ken Tanaka about how to respond to that question--"So where are you from?  No, like, where are you from?"

Now if we're ever asked this question, we'll have a verbal riposte ready.

And now have a video of Loki VS the Hose:

Loki was super fluffy after his bath and subsequent toweling and blowdrying, whereafter he promptly went to lie down on the gritty ground.  I suppose that's better than rolling in the mud, though I'm sure if there had been mud around, Loki would've gone for a brisk romp therein.

Q4U: So, seeing Loki up there biting at the water made me think about how I've never drunk from a hose (talking about a garden/lawn hose here)--but when I was little I had a couple of friends who drank from hoses without a second thought.  I always thought it was kinda gross, particularly as our hose was always lying around outside in the dirt and stuff, and if I was thirsty I'd just go inside for a drink.  Have you ever drunk from a hose?


Julie Dao said...

I'll have to save that video for later! Oh, Loki... so darn cute. I have drunk from a hose before! And from a sprinkler!

Jaime Morrow said...

Oh my gosh, that video was super funny. People can be so...ugh. And Loki is so cute! :-)

Caroline Tung Richmond said...

OMG, look at Loki! I could watch that video forever! Haha, now I totally need to get the hose out for Otto... :)