Name That Book Aww Yeah!

Hey ho, let's go!  It's time for another round of Name That Book.  This time rather than cover interpretations, we've got a mix of illustrated scenes and symbolic representations of things.  Take a gander and see if you recognize anything!

1. This classic fantasy book isn't YA, but it is beloved by both Krispy and Alz.

2. This fantasy is YA. So far there's a trilogy and a couple of short stories
and I think a novella, and there's a prequel book that's been supposedly
forthcoming for years now.

3. A scene from a snarky fun magical mystery by an Irish author.
The second book is due to be released this fall.

4. From a picture book. Hint: the red thing is something you wear on your head.

5. Here I tried to be all artistic and symbolic when representing this
fantasy YA.  That's a sun, and darkness, and a celestial quadruped.

Guess away, my friends, guess away!  Answers forthcoming.


Connie Keller said...

Ack. I don't know any of these. :(

But I will guess on #5--is it Harry Potter?

Katy Upperman said...

These are hard! Maybe I don't read enough fantasy? I think I know number three... UNSPOKEN, right?

Lori M. Lee said...

bwahaha, love these.

1. The Last Unicorn?
3. Unspoken
4. ...something about a gnome xD
5. Shadow and Bone

Sarah Goldberg said...

Oh! Oh! I know 2! It is the Sabriel series.

Jessica Love said...

That UNSPOKEN drawing should be on the cover. Awesome.

Yahong Chi said...

1. The Last Unicorn! 2. ... I don't know :( 3. Unspoken! 4. I WANT MY HAT BACK <3333 5. I don't know :(

Do I win for the picture book?? :D

linda said...

Hmm... the first one is probably The Last Unicorn. The hat one is probably one of Klassen's hat books (I haven't read any yet! Should fix that). And... I have no idea about the rest. This round of Name That Book is so much harder than the previous ones! :P

Axie said...

That fat unicorn picture is amazing.

You've got the Jon Klassen hat down!

I would have potentially guessed all of them except Unspoken, which I haven't read. (But I saw others comments, so).