Randomosity on Fridays: Cute Overlord in Motion

Posts with substance will return next week! I got too distracted by fiddling around with our pretty new blog to plan far enough ahead for a post, and dear Alz is sick! Many people have been getting sick lately, probably because the weather in SoCal has been so inconsistent.

So we're both going to take it easy, especially since Alz plans to be well enough for cotton candy this weekend. It is our city's annual Camelia Festival, which means a mini-carnival held in the park in front of City Hall. And a parade. I marched in this parade as a middle schooler in band and volunteered at a carnival booth as a high schooler for community service. Fun times.

I'll probably pop into the library and see if I can get a copy of Finnikin of the Rock. My borrowed e-copy expired while I was still reading it, and it was getting goooood!

We leave you with these few items:

1) Nominate a book for the YA Book Club in March at Tracey's blog: Nominations! Nominations!

2) DUALED by Elsie Chapman is out next week! I reviewed it here: DUALED review. Some stuff bothered me, but overall, it was a really engaging read and a different kind of dystopian. Love the gray area the main character occupies!

3) Loki being a playful and sleepy boy during the day time.

Happy weekend!


Connie Keller said...

Wow, Loki, is so grown up now.

Hope Alz feels better soon!

Misha Gerrick said...

Hey Krispy and Alz,

You two have been nominated as Unpublished Authors with Awesome Writing Style for this month's Paying Forward Awards.



Angela Brown said...

Cuteness Overlord is getting so big! Awww...and still so cute!

Alz, please feel better very berry soon. Doodles! Is it possible to be addicted to doodles?

Anonymous said...

Loki has grown so much so fast.

I hope Alz got better enough for you guys to enjoy the carnival and the parade.


linda said...

Ooh, a new design! How awesome! (Back to catch up on posts!)

Lydia Kang said...

You got a blog makeover! I loves it!
Also, you can never go wrong with pictures of Loki. Of either species.