Randomosity on Fridays: Fall Music Preview!

Hey all, I sort of didn't notice it was September already (I seriously dated something as August just yesterday) until I got slammed by Start of School Traffic this week while trying to get to work. You can't really tell by the weather; we're still cruising in the high 80s.

In any case, whether I like it or not, it's the start of the a new season and there are many exciting things afoot. Travels, shows, books, music!

So for this first weekend after Labor Day, we're bringing my Sister back in to give you a brief Fall Music Preview. Enjoy! (P.S. It's her birthday this weekend!)

Now that it's September, all the little kiddies have gone back to school and I am left feeling old and wondering what the heck happened to summer. When late September comes along, I'll be crying in a corner realizing that I am not going back to school. But with a new school year comes new music.

From what I've learned from all my internships, Fall is actually the busy time for music vs. summer (which is actually our slow season). Lots of new albums from some of my favorite artists have come out or are coming out, so here is a brief fall music preview. Go buy these albums because they are amazing. Hope you enjoy!

First up is the new album from Two Door Cinema Club that just came out this past Tuesday! If you get it at Target its $7.99 or you can get a deluxe edition at Best Buy for $9.99 that includes the new album with another live CD. The new album is called BEACON, and though I've only listened to it all the way through twice, I enjoy it so far! It's a bit different from the 1st album and has more mid-tempo songs, but you can still tell that this is the same band. You can definitely hear the growth in this album.

Songs I'm feeling at the moment are "Someday" (which sounds like the Two Door we all know and love) and "The World Is Watching," which includes a nice guest vocal from Valentina.

The World Is Watching by Two Door Cinema Club on Grooveshark

Next album is from one of my new favorite bands, Imagine Dragons. I posted about them last time when they just had their EP out. Now their full-length, NIGHT VISIONS, is out. I was so impressed with their EP that I knew I would not be disappointed if I bought the full album, and I'm not! The only issue I have with the LP is that a lot of songs from the EP are on it, which is fine since I love those songs, but I'm not used to having so many EP songs on an LP. This full length album continues to show the versatility of the band which was showcased on the EP. And as the check-out lady at Best Buy told me when ringing me up, "I don't get bored listening to this album."

 One of my favorites from this album is actually a bonus song on the Best-Buy version called "Selene." "Tiptoe" is also another great one. Trust, the whole album is amazing.

 Selene by Imagine Dragons on Grooveshark

Now I'm going to introduce you guys to two very lovely British ladies. Their albums dropped in the summer months of July and August, but their music just fits much better with Fall.

The first is Jesse Ware with her album DEVOTION. If you are into mod, electronic, "I'm in a fancy modern restaurant/store" type music then you will definitely like Jesse. Some of her songs also remind of that chill vibe The Weeknd has. It's hard to describe her style of music, but just know it is great! She has such an amazing voice, and I love the feel of her songs. Plus, she is friends with the goddess that is Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine, so ya know Ima bit biased.

Some songs to check out from this album are "Wildest Moments" and "110%." Grooveshark is lame and doesn't have any from this album but "Valentine: is a great song too!

 Valentine by Jesse Ware featuring Sampha on Grooveshark

The next artist is Lianne La Havas with her album IS YOUR LOVE BIG ENOUGH. Lianne is a soulful singer, and it's crazy to think this voice comes out of someone at the young age of 23! It's one of those voices that you just fall in love with.

What really made me fall for her was the version of "No Room For Doubt" that she did for La blogotheque. I'll leave you with the album version of it, but definitely check out that version on youtube! Another song to listen to is "Don't Wake Me Up."

No Room for Doubt (feat. Willy Mason) by Lianne La Havas on Grooveshark

And with that, I leave you all. Hope you enjoyed these! Also, make sure to get the new The xx album called COEXIST next week (it is currently streaming in full on their website)! I saw them in July and died. Besides, their first album was SO GOOD, so check that one out too if you haven't.

Q4U: What are you looking forward to this Fall?


Connie Keller said...

I'm feeling really old. I don't know any of these groups. But maybe it's not age...maybe it's because I'm too busy writing to be up-to-date on music. Yeah, that must be it. ;)

Lydia Kang said...

Argh, my computer is having a fit and not letting me listen to them, but I'll come back. I love your music recs.

Angela Brown said...

Fall has come upon us sneak-a-creep style. I'm still reeling from summer so it will take some time to get setting into Fall lol!!

Golden Eagle said...

Happy Birthday! :)

All of these artists are new to me as well. Thanks for the music.

I'm looking forward to cooler weather, that's for sure.

Barbara Ann Wright said...

REF: (I seriously dated something as August just yesterday)

I read this as you went out with something as August. Like you had dinner with someone that may or may not be human and just called it August.

But then I'm weird.