Wordless Wednesday: Sleeeeepy

Happy Wednesday!  We bring to you puppy naptime:


Also, wink-wink:

This is from back in February when she was still a youthfully slim ratty.
In other news, Krispy and I and our fellow cabinmates have been writing away!  Krispy needs to write more though.  I've threatened to throw her into a lake of rabid pirahna if she doesn't get some more wordcount under her belt.

What threats/treats/motivations do you use to keep yourself writing when the going gets tough?


Connie Keller said...

Love the photos!

Good luck with the writing!! I'm cheering for you both.

Golden Eagle said...

Great pictures!

I usually bribe myself with the internet if I'm not writing as much as I should be.

Angela Brown said...

Dark chocolate tends to be a yummy motivator, though my waistline secretly objects lol!

And glad to hear you guys are making writing progress. Come on Krispy, you can pull through!

And the Overload of Cuteness is just so darned adorable, even while snoozing. :-)

linda said...

Cute photos!

And come on Krispy, you can do it! :) (Although I shouldn't be talking since I've only written once this week XD)