Randomosity on Fridays: GO FOR THE GOLD!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Today we bring you something special to brighten your day:

We can't stop watching it.

Also, here are some quotes from when Krispy, her sister, and Alz were watching a particular program on TV:

"I feel...weak. And fat and inflexible."




"She could kick my ass."

"Look at that body."

"He's a fishman!"

"Oh he's not cute at all, nuh-uh."

Can you guess what we were watching?


Connie Keller said...

Uh, the olympics?

BTW, on YouTube there's a great video of the US olympic swim team lip-syncing "Call Me Maybe." I think you'd enjoy it.

Angela Brown said...

LOL! Uh...what the halibut was that scream all about cuz I was like "Wha...?" and laughing at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I will never not think this is the funniest. YIYIYIYIYI!

Golden Eagle said...

That was the strangest laugh ever. LOL.

I'd agree with Connie--it sounds like the Olympics. At least, those resemble my responses. :P