Randomosity on Fridays: The Week in Pictures

This week has been full of yogurt and boba and books and puppy playtime.  In other words, this week has been relatively normal, although the yogurting has been, hmm, if not excessive, certainly prevalent in more than typical amounts.  That is because--

1. Hello Kitty is back at Yogurtland!  What with the hot summer weather, colorful Sanrio spoons, and delicious mango pina colada yogurt, we couldn't resist.

Left: Spoons from last time - Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Chococat.
Right: New spoons (so far) - Hello Kitty & Tuxedo Sam.

2. I made a couple of felt unicorns.  Still working out some pattern kinks and proportion issues, which is why the right one has no limbs and the left one has a rather long neck.

3. Bead show loot.  Crappy iPad camera can't handle the cornucopia of shimmering crystals and the pearly galaxy of stars cast upon the carpet.  Or the magnificence of the bundled dozen 2/0 Swiss sawblades in the bottom righthand corner.
Behold! Shiny things!!
4. Krispy and I both read the fourth/last Throne of Glass novella by Sarah J. Maas, The Assassin and the Empire, and were moderately unimpressed.  We both still want to read the actual novel but have adjusted our expectations accordingly.

5. Loki loves his new orange popsicle toy.  A lot.

He likes to torpedo around carrying his popsicle by the stick.
Then he'll charge over and death-shake it and wipe it on your legs
and he'll be all like, "HEY LOOK LOOK AT MY POPSICLE LOOK AT IT LOOK."

That's our week in review.  Mm, Yogurtland.  What are your favorite summertime treats?  If Hello Kitty were a pokemon, what kind of attacks would she have?


Julie Dao said...

I was going to say something about how perplexing it is to me that Hello Kitty is such an obsession with so many people, but then I saw the dog and the popsicle picture and the cuteness exploded my brain. HAPPY FRIDAY girls!!

Lydia Kang said...

Those unicorns look awesome! I kind of like how they vary in proportions, thought. Maybe you should make every one different!

Lovely baubles too!

Connie Keller said...

Loki is so cute! Big dogs ooze personality and love.

BTW, have you thought of selling your animal creations on Etsy? I think you could make some money.

Sophia Chang said...

omg of COURSE you guys kept those spoons. I wasn't totally aware that you're Kitty fans? I have the limited edition Kitty vans with the red bow at the top and a matching Tee I still have to wear. We must go eat at that hip Asian fusion cafe or somewhere I can debut this outfit.

linda said...

The felt unicorns are adorable! :)