Randomosity on Fridays: Mother's Day Edition

May is turning out to be kind of crazy. ANYONE ELSE SEE THE AVENGERS LAST WEEKEND? THIS WEEKEND?

AHEM. Back on track, this weekend is Mother's Day, and I thought of the PERFECT video to share for the occasion. It also fits the APA Month theme AND the blog me MAYbe prompt for today! I'm getting really good at finding things that fit multiple parameters. Hah.

Words on Paper

So without further ado, MAY I SHOW YOU SOMETHING FUNNY?

I love my mom, but she totally says some of these things (like the "aiyah!" and "honey, do for me!")!

Q4U: What are endearing/funny things your mom does?

All you moms out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


Connie Keller said...


I think my kids would love to do a video about Dutch mothers. They'd have me saying, "Clean this up. Clean that up. Clean your room. Wipe the counters. Do you want to live in a pig sty?"

Julie Dao said...

That video is so realistic, it's scary. It's like watching my mom/aunt/grandma/any woman in my family bustling around the kitchen doling out backhanded compliments and advice. LOLOL. Happy Friday!!!

Tracey Neithercott said...

Hahaha. I love these videos. The Shit Italian Moms say was so true! My mom's Irish, but my dad side's Italian and it was like watching a family get-together.

Also, I think ALL moms say "eat more, you're too skinny!"

nutschell said...

This is totally hilarious! (and so true, me thinks:)) I'll definitely tweet this:)
Happy weekend!

Ariana Ferrone said...

My mom said "That's not me, that's MY mother!" when I showed her that video. Hahaha. Gotta love asian moms.

Also, every other word out of my mouth is "Avengers" as you have probably noticed from my twitter and tumblr feed. :P

Sarah said...

It's interesting--I'm not of any one ethnic background, just a total mix, and so I can't really identify with any clear cultural presentation. I'm feeling a bit left out! But, at least I can be one of the (millions of) cool kids and say I'm seeing Avengers this weekend.

Angela Brown said...

I nearly pissed my pants.

Sorry, I know. TMI.

But part of it has to do with the story I'm working on. The male MC is Asian-American and I have his mother saying some of the same stuff as this, well, just the part about the grades. And it just made me trip out. lol!!!!

linda said...

LOL! My mom totally does the thing where she yells at us and then answers the phone in a super fake sweet voice haha. And the baby talk to cute kids.