Randomosity on Fridays: Return to Schneizeleffort!

YAY IT'S FRIDAY!!! So while I was working on my epically long Hunger Games Movie, Part 1 and Hunger Games Movie, Part 2 reviews, one of my friends told me I was putting way too much effort into them. I ignored her because I had ALL THE FEELINGS about the movie & books that I needed to get out, but mostly, I ignored her because I'd already written like 1.5 reviews. So I was past the point of no return.

BUT she makes a fair point, since some of you may recall that my "motto" in life is schneizeleffort, and those review posts were anything but!

Schneizel does not approve of all the effort I've expended.
So in the spirit of getting back into the schneizeleffort, here's a super random Friday post. It's got the Hunger Games stuff I couldn't fit into my long-o review posts, blog stuff, the musical crush of my life, and a movie I am WAY MORE EXCITED FOR than I was for HG.

1) One of the best things the Hunger Games movie spawned was epic gifs and FANDOM CROSSOVERS. Check out a whole bunch of my fandoms running through forests! AWESOME.

Also, check out Alz's amazing iPad drawing skills while playing Draw Something.

#teamAmity ftw2) Secondly, I accidentally on purpose joined #TeamAmity. You may have noticed the icon on our sidebar. This affiliation is actually only mine since I was the one who joined, and also the Divergent test put me in Amity. So really, it's all cool. Alz is more like Candor. In any case, this is part of a promotion for the upcoming release of the Divergent sequel, INSURGENT.

So support Team Amity! Clicky click the faction symbol to help us, and maybe consider joining! We're where all the fun people are at. We sing and dance and are into people getting along, man. (Yeah, we're kinda hippies, but that's fitting for me too since I went to arguably Hippie Capitol UC Berkeley. Go Bears!)

Oh and we have an EPIC Team Amity group giveaway if you weren't convinced about our FUN-ness. JUST SAYIN. ;)

3) The ALL THINGS ASIAN Blog hop was a cool thing that happened at the beginning of April and ran until earlier this week. It featured posts about Asian characters, authors, and bloggers. There were also a few giveaways! Even though it's over, do check out some of the posts!

4) My musical crush for life, Mr. A to Z, Jason Mraz dropped his new album this week. It's called Love is a Four Letter Word, and this weekend, when I have time, I'm going to be listening to this thing on repeat. He's also announced tour dates. The Sister is an uber fan (seriously, she's been going to his concerts since high school, and he hung out with her & her friends one year while they waited in line hours before the show), so she jumped on the ticket-buying, which means, we'll be seeing him in concert later this year. *SQUEE!* If there is ANYONE you should ever see perform live, it is this man. Flawless voice-of-an-angel is flawless, but especially when you hear it in real life in real time.

Off the album, The Freedom Song

5) THE AVENGERS. This movie has been premiering all over the place, leading up to its actual release in May (late April for some lucky non-US countries). Guys, I am SO EXCITED. Look at this gorgeous cast!

And it's no secret I have a crush on Tom Hiddleston because he's an adorable human being and talented to boot. So I'm especially excited to see him reprise his role as the trickster God of Sass Badassery Mischief, Loki.

Yeah, an army of fangirls.

I'm also looking forward to this brotherly reunion.
STOP IT THOR not in front of my alien army!! - by Noelle Stevenson.

As many others have said before me, ASSEMBLE FASTER, dang it!

Hit me with your Random OR tell me what's up with you this weekend! Have a great weekend!


linda said...

Dude. Schneizeleffort = awesome. Also, of course Alz's drawings would be amazing.

Connie Keller said...

There's a Divergent personality test?!? How did I not know this? I must find the test.

Connie Keller said...

I got Erudite. (I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about that.)

Anonymous said...

I'm so looking forward to The Avengers! Like, big time looking-forward!!!

Tere Kirkland said...

Ist dis nicht eine schnizeleffort?

Sorry, but that word just makes me think of that awesome song you hear when you're drunk at Octooberfesht right before you drink another boot full of doppelbock and start doing the chicken dance polka. You know, Schnitzelbank. Really, no one knows that song? You're missing out, people!

Huh, I guess that was random enough after all that I don't have to mention the various and sundry things I would do to Chris Hemsworth. He doesn't even need to be wearing the cape.

Have amicable and/or candid weekends, y'all!

Sophia Chang said...

Aaaah funniest post ever. I was gonna join abnegation cuz they bribed me, but now that you've posted a link to the one I actually sorted into I guess I better go back to the hippies.

Anonymous said...

I love this randomosity. I'm going to take the faction quiz. Have a great weekend.

Golden Eagle said...

I haven't read Divergent yet, but I've been noticing references to the different factions across the blogosphere. I've got to get around to reading the book.

The Golden Eagle
The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

Sherrie Petersen said...

That iPad game looks awesome. I'm going to have to look for that. And I hear you on Jason Mraz and the Avengers. So much to look forward to this spring :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Love this!

Julie Dao said...

Um, that drawing of Peeta = mad skillz, yo. I still have a granny phone but I've played Draw Something on my friends' smartphones and it is sooo addicting.