Choose Your Own Dystopia: Part 2

This Friday, we'd like to present to you the dystopia we chose.

A city named Heaven is Hell on Earth

In a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, the utopian city of Heaven is ruled by the benevolent council known as the Alza. Legends and myths are carefully documented and interpreted as metaphors for life and the rule of the Alza; to speak of them in an unauthorized manner is punishable by death, for everyone knows that unicorns, dragons, and manatees are symbolic imaginary creatures and not real beasts.

Until the day that Krispin, a naive young boy who believes in the millennia-old Alza, discovers a forbidden manatee. Intrigue and disaster ensue with the death of Krispin's parents and the disappearance of his best friend Sophael--and the arrival of an unusual young man named Julien who speaks of manatees as if they were his people.

Krispin's world becomes a nightmare of malevolent Alzans, mysterious manatees, and the increasingly attractive Julien. Krispin's latent magical powers burst into full pineapple-flavored bloom as he aids the Resistabellvolutionaissance--the R, for short--in their attempt to overthrow the Alza once and for all.

Even Krispin cannot imagine the destiny that awaits him, the passion and heartbreak that will arise from betrayals and hardships, and the loss of the one who is too precious for this world. Filled with rage and hunger, Krispin's story has only just begun.


Moon Stock from wyldraven
Manatee from Wikipedia


Q4U: Want to take a shot at building a dystopia OR do you want to guess how this story goes?

Happy Friday (and happy building)!


Connie Keller said...

This made my day!!! Still laughing. Thanks.

Julie Dao said...

I am going to hound you guys until you write this book! "pineapple-flavored"... awesome.

shelly said...

TFF! But it almost sounds like a really good book.

Emy Shin said...

You guys are hilariously AWESOME. I would so read it! Awaiting for that book one day! :D

Unknown said...

Yes yes yes!

Margo Kelly said...

Very interesting!! :)

Angela Brown said...

Okay, so I'll be expecting a copy of this 80,000 word MS in my inbox in the next two weeks so that I can beta read it while laughing my arse off at all the pineapple-flavored power this will have. Seriously, this would be such a great spoof tale...and this coming from someone currently penning a post-apocalyptic story, though no manatees are involved. Perhaps I can pull in the pineapples, or as they would be called in post-apocalyptic world: prickly sweets :-)

Anonymous said...

This is gonna be a best seller, no doubt!

Sophia Chang said...

Wait, wait wait wait - what happens to Sophael? Do I, I mean, does he live?????

Anonymous said...

Bahaha! Okay, I'm still laughing!

Lydia Kang said...

I'd buy this. What? Oh, it's a joke?

Still. Manatee dystopians could be the RAGE.

Anonymous said...

Oh you guys are brilliant. Brilliant!!!
I still want to build my own dystopia. I just have to make my way to posting about it on my blog.
Thanks for making my monday :)