Randomosity on Fridays: 2012 Resolutions

We were planning to do this earlier, but well, we had reviews (different kinds!) to do. Also, we cleaned up our sidebar and have PAGES now! Anyway resolutions now! And after, that a bit of randomosity!


1. Finish this gosh darn WIP.

2. Sleep more. (No, seriously. We're taking a page from Odin's book and investing in the rejuvenating benefits of Odinsleeping.)

3. BE BRAVE. (courtesy of the Sister)


1. Make Alz blog more.

2. Resolve to be more schneizeleffort*. / Someday explain the concept of schneizeleffort.

3. Stop Alz from bullying me.

4. Get off the fatty-train (I seriously need to stop the holiday-eating spree that has continued past the holidays...) / maybe exercise or something?

5. Write/read/sleep/be present more. :)


1. Bully Krispy more.

2. Get published and get query letters written and sent out. In whatever order. Presumably I'll have to have those letters written before I send them out, but if I can bend time and space to make it happen in reverse order, that's fiiiine by me.

3. Actually watch all those TV shows and movies I have piled up, i.e. Battlestar Galactica, Misfits season 2, Game of Thrones, Merlin, past two seasons of Doctor Who, etc.

4. Write more consistently and actually finish projects. Short stories for starters, and then longer things. As usual.


And now for some randomosity. The making of our long-o Scorpio Races review from yesterday. In no particular order...

K: So for Intellectual Rating, I guess I give it like a 10 out of 10, and Emotional Grade would be...
A: An A?
A: You should just put that!

A: Oh Krispy, you love this book.
K: I don't know that yet. It's too soon! It hasn't stood the test of time! Right now it's like- it's like an infatuation! A YA all-consuming insta-love!
A: No, I think you love it.

(In response from my out-of-nowhere literary analysis of Mutt Malvern)
A: Clearly your great and t00by love for Scorpio Races has brought out the AP Lit-essayist in you.
K: It's because I have to write this review, which is forcing me to make sense of my many feelings. It's too much effort, Alz. All this THINKING and pinpointing. I'm tired just thinking about it. Schneizeleffort ftw. :P

A: Now I have to find a way to condense this entire email conversation into a paragraph or two.

A: I was thinking of doing more doodles, but since this is a fairly serious review, I didn't want to detract from all your eloquence with random doodles.

This last spawned this bit of genius from Lydia** on Twitter: "A serious essay can never be ruined by too many doodles."---Confuse-us

So yeah, we really did write an essay. Two separate ones in fact that we managed to smoosh down into one review. Sort of. Thanks to everyone who read it!

Enjoy the weekend! And for our fellow US-ers, woohoo! LONG WEEKEND!

What are you resolving to do this year?

*If you were in the Code Geass anime fandom, you might have an idea of what I'm talking about.
**Lydia, look at you making another appearance at A Nudge!

P.S. In case you missed it, our friend and fellow vlogger Sophia Chang is celebrating her One Year Blogaversary with a giveaway! We're one of the prizes! Or rather an "angel/demon" critique, up to 25 pages, from us! That's 2 pairs of eyes for the price of one! Also, I think it's HILARIOUS that I'm the angel.


Sarah said...

I'm not a part of any anime fandom, so I'm really hoping you keep the resolution to explain "schneizeleffort". It's my new favorite word and I have NO IDEA what it means. *wails*

julie fedderson said...

I've never imagined a world ruled by manatees. But if it means I can eat more chocolate and be mistaken for a saucy looking mermaid I'm all for it.

Connie Keller said...

Rule by manatees...hmm, I could get used to that. If they rule, does that mean everyone gets a house by a warm beach? I could really, really like that.

Emy Shin said...

I've only watched a few eps of Code Geass, but now I want to watch the whole thing just to find out what "schneizeleffort" means.

And good luck on all your resolutions!

Barbara Ann Wright said...

I don't have my resolutions, so I'm just going to borrow yours. I'm going to stop bullying myself and bully myself more. It's sure to keep me entertained.

Danyelle L. said...

Just when I think the two of you have hit the ultimate of awesomeness (adored the review), you go one step further.

Can't wait to see what this year brings for both of you. :D

M.J. Fifield said...

I've resolved to stop messing around with my writing this year. I'm hoping to pass that whole publishing barrier at some point.

Good luck with everything!

Angela Brown said...

I'm wondering if I should resolve how best to serve the manatees?


Otherwise, still working on my WiP and hoping to finish it, better-it-up with some gnashing of teeth, swearing at the grammar gods and bribing someone with chocolate so they can help me. After that, I just might but that baby out for bait to agent fishy.

Golden Eagle said...

Good luck with the WIP!

I'm not in the anime fandom, either, so I do hope you explain the concept of schneizeleffort. It's a cool world. :)

. . . and oh, look, is that a manatee?

Sophia Chang said...

Wow. Neat. We will have to discuss schneitzeleffort over boba and Avatar.

And yes, I earnestly thought Krispy was the angel until you both started laughing (Cat maybe joined in too?) and I realized what I'd just said.

Julie Dao said...

Hehehehe! Love your resolutions! Good luck on all of them.

Lydia Kang said...

YOur posts make me feel mighty important and my head is getting too big now. I'm going to need laser head surgery to make my bulging cranium less football shaped.

Manatees rule! Particularly when they're called dugongs. Which sounds like dung which is me going off on a tangent.