Behind the Scenes of Boba4Evah & A Nudge

Some snippets of conversation from this weekend and these past few days. Take a peek if you dare!

Behind the Scenes of...

BOBA 4 EVAH (weekend)
Over boba (of course), while discussing unnamed book...

Alz: But then she sees Guy 2 and like immediately is DRAWN to him even though they've spent all of 10 minutes together. And this in front of Guy 1!

Krispy: Well, that's because Guy 1 is Tofu. The other guy is all beautiful and mysterious. Tofu always gets the short end of the stick.**

Sophia: No, wait, in the Hunger Games, Tofu gets the advantage! Gale is Hot & Spicy and gets left behind.

Krispy: Oh yeah, Tofu does get the leg up in that one.

Alz: But Peeta's not that Tofu. He has more spice.

Krispy: He's SPICY TOFU!

Sophia: So does she eat or does she just go sit in the sunlight?

The sister: Excuse me, I'm going to go photosynthesize.

Behind the scenes of...

A NUDGE (Tuesday)
At Krispy's house. Krispy is reading a scary book. Alz is reading something else on iPad.

Krispy: Oh my god. THAT'S MESSED UP.

Alz: What?!

Krispy: So the MC is at this supposedly haunted house with these stupid jock types, and they're forcing him to the house. And he's like looking into the house, and this one jock hits him IN THE HEAD with a PLANK OF WOOD!

Alz: ...that's it?

Krispy: But isn't that messed up?! I mean, a PLANK OF WOOD aimed at his HEAD! Really?! That's so stupid and messed up and HE COULD HAVE KILLED HIM!

Alz: Krispy, you're reading this horror book. I thought someone got like cut in half or something! I mean, that's messed up - really, a board to the head?! - but I thought it was something a lot worse.

Krispy: Oooh, haha. Well, if a ghost had come and torn them to pieces, I'd be okay with that. Like it's expected. But plank of wood to the head of the New Kid in town just because you're kinda drunk and you don't like him is a little much. If the jocks had beaten him up, fine. That's just bullies being drunk and stupid. But this plank to the head? Were they TRYING TO KILL him?

Alz: Yeah, who aims at the head as a joke?! Maybe the knees or back or something.

Krispy: It's just so PREMEDITATED. They assaulted him!

Alz: It's the premeditation. We should blog about this.

(Yes, we're more outraged by the premeditated assault than supernatural murderous rages.)

Krispy: So I think I'm going to blog about our Tofu/Hot&Spicy love triangle convo from this weekend. And about how Peeta is Spicy Tofu.

Alz: Well, you know, Gale is actually the Tofu because he's the childhood friend that doesn't get a lot of page-time.

Krispy: ... Augh, you're right! It's because Gale's personality isn't Tofu and Peeta's is! I thought there was something off about our comparison.

Alz: Either way, Peeta is still Spicy Tofu. Hey, should there be a spoiler warning for this?

Krispy: That he's Spicy Tofu???


And there's your peek behind the curtain. Hope you haven't been scared off.

In other news, Lori asked me and Sophia some questions as part of a reverse meme she ran on her blog last week. The questions are pretty awesome. Sophia & I will be vlogging the answers some time in the near future.

How do you like your tofu?

**This whole TOFU vs. HOT & SPICY analogy came from Alz's post "Let's Talk Love Triangle Dudes." See, we're not just talking crazy! Not completely anyway...


Bkloss said...

Ha. thanks for making me laugh this morning.

I like tofu just a LITTLE spicy :D

Lori M. Lee said...

I love spicy tofu!!! :D

Also, AGREE SO MUCH ON THE PREMEDITATED PLANK OF WOOD TO HEAD. Can't way I was too sorry about what happened next >_>

Connie Keller said...

I like my tofu spicy.

And, yes, premeditated plank to the head is way more disconcerting than ripped to shreds by ghost/zombie/evil creepy thing.

Sophia Chang said...

When me and the bf have too much spice, we suffer later...yeah...

Omg Gale is the spicy tofu? Well give me my soondooboo red hot then!

Lydia Kang said...

OMG, you guys with the spicy tofu! That is too awesome. Good thing neither Gale nor Peeta are the Stinky Tofu.