Randomosity on Fridays: Vacation Hangover Edition

I am BACK, lovelies! Well, I'm about 60% back as my body has finally decided to tell me that being sleep deprived and tramping around a giant City that Never Sleeps all day (and into the night) is cause for crashing.

That and I seriously can't recover like I used to. I went to work yesterday, and despite getting 8 full, wonderful hours of sleep, I was spaced out and zombified all day. It was like I'd slept at 4am. So I only have half a Friday 5 for you today - a quick few points - and Alz will fill you in on the rest!

Vacay stories and pics to come! Including, perhaps, my first solo vlog!

1. I have the best college roommates evaaarrr. I stayed with one of them & the other housed my sister and friends, and they were amazing hostesses. They helped make my sister's 21st birthday pretty freaking awesome. My 3rd roommate, unfortunately, couldn't make it up from Boston for the weekend because school had already started, but I love her too!

2. Thanks to the roommate I stayed with, my hair and skin feel the best they've felt since a year ago when I also stayed at her place. Her place is like a spa! So many nice skincare products! Yay for working in the cosmetics industry!

Product placement: KIEHL'S

This campaign - yeah, my roomie launched it. Also, I love the moisturizer.
3. Before I left, I got crazy-colored highlights in my hair. They're pink, violet, and bright red, even though I only asked for violet. I kind of love them though. Also there's a feather extension because my hair lady really wanted to try it out. I think it's growing on me...

Alz's randoms:

4. The creatures featured on my jacket from last post are rabites, specifically the 16-bit version from Secret of Mana.

5. My rat says hi:

[/Alz's randoms, though I typed "ransoms" at first. Clearly ratty is influencing my subconscious. I've long suspected her of nefarious plottings multitudinous.]

In the mean time, I missed you all and will try to kind of catch-up. Mostly, I need sleep though. Haha. But seriously, what did I miss?

Have an awesome weekend!


Connie Keller said...

Glad that you're back and had a great time!

Watch out for the rat--remember The Rats of Nimh.

shelly said...

I just got back from two weeks of Europe. I'll be posting stories and pics, too.

Sophia Chang said...

Awww, about dogs! Well, I've invited you over to meet mine anytime, but you don't seem to like leaving your house lol.

So the anime I really hated is like everyone's fav movie of all time...don't know if that bodes well...

Lydia Kang said...

Aw, cute rat. We've thought of getting one because I hear they're so intelligent and affectionate, but I'm too lazy taking care of any mammals beyond my immediate family.

I love your highlights!

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

LOVE the hair! I always talk about doing something fun with mine and then never do it. Sounds like you had a lovely time!

WritingNut said...

Welcome back! And I love your highlights! :) Can't wait to see the rest of your pics and hear your updates.

linda said...

Ooh, glad you had an awesome time on the East Coast! I've actually never dyed my hair in my life. Your highlights look really cool, though! And Alz's rat is adorable. :)

Unknown said...

I'm loving the hair! That's so awesome!!! So glad you had an amazing time!