Randomosity on Fridays: Missing Out

Welcome to JUNE, everyone! We are 6 months into 2011, and I just realized I should probably do a resolutions progress report. Eep.


I hope your Memorial Day weekends were wonderful, and if you didn't have the long weekend, I hope your weekend was itself wonderful.

Part of mine was spent vlogging. The other was spent at my friend's stylish house where we BBQed and played games and roasted s'mores. It was at this BBQ that I made up for 2 experiences that I should have had in college but did not actually have.

Thus we have the topic of today's Randomosity/Friday 5! I'm talking about all those things people usually do at specific times in their lives (e.g. High School, College, before *insert age here*) that I didn't do until later (or still haven't done).

1. Beer Pong: Yeah, until this past weekend, I had never played beer pong. I've seen it plenty of times in passing throughout my college career, but I never played or knew what was going on, except that a ping pong ball & table and cups of beer (in those ubiquitous red plastic cups) were involved. I didn't really play a match, but someone finally told me how it worked! Did you know you're not supposed to bounce the ball on the table?

2. "Chugged" beer: I say "chug" in quotes because it is a FACT OF LIFE that I cannot drink ANYTHING fast. So my teammates were dying at my slow drinking abilities during the first and only round of Flip Cup I've ever played (another booze game I missed out on in college). I also don't like beer, so that didn't help my speed. This experience also happened this past weekend.

3. High School Sweetheart: I was one of those people who didn't date in high school. So this thing that is often such a big deal in YA books and TV dramas? Never happened.

4. SPRING BREAK!!!: As in the kind of Spring Break that involves swimsuits, beaches, exotic locales, and a week of unsupervised debauchery. During my university years, I mostly flew home and bummed around town, especially since my Spring Break didn't usually line up with other people's. Boo.

5. Road trip with friends: I still have time to do this one, but I have not yet road-tripped with any of my friends. This needs to happen. I'm requesting one that involves mystery spots and historic sites.

So what about you? What things did YOU "miss out" on? When did you finally get clued in, if ever?

Happy weekend, lovelies! Thank you for all your sweet comments on the vlog! It was very encouraging, which means there might be more in the future! *hearts you all*


Angela said...

I must have had a really boring teenage and college years because I didn't do any of the things on this list. :C

My life is good now, though.

Tere Kirkland said...

I never took a road trip or spring break with friends while I was still in college, and I never studied abroad. Wish I had.

I drank plenty of beer, though. :) I would say my college experience was more standard than my hs experience, though. I rarely partied in hs, and I never had a hs sweetheart.

It's never too late to develop good chugging habits! Mine are starting to get a little rusty with neglect! ;)

Sophia Chang said...

Our BBQ was my first drinking/sport game too.

Dude! Let's have a road trip for spring break! After I saw your tweet, I was like, "Girl we need to go to Vegas. Or NYC - that's where the debauching is."

Lydia Kang said...

This isn't YA, but I never went to sleepaway camp. Everyone who was anyone did that. My parents thought that was totally bizarre.

ali cross said...

Ha! I didn't really do those things, either! And dude! I totally can't chug, either!