Randomosity on Fridays: iPad 2 Version

While I love my PC with all my heart (of stone) and soul(lessness), I have to admit that occasionally I am, once a while, slightly and somewhat tempted by the shiny new gadgets and gizmos that Apple whips up.  It took me until last year to actually break down enough to buy an iPod nano.  I reasoned that the nano was a good choice since I just wanted something to play music and didn't want to waste the rest of my life downloading apps and playing with a touch-screen, which is why I didn't spring for the iTouch.

I have since wished, wistfully, that I had gotten an iTouch.  Internet at your fingertips is such a tantalizing prospect, you know?

But now I've set my sights on a new goal.  I want an iPad 2.

1. iPad 2: Why? Because it's a super-shiny awesome tablet, sleek and slim and sexy, it's 2nd gen so they've worked out those 1st gen kinks, and everyone else wants one and I want to be popular and want one too, okay?  And if all the other kids jumped off a cliff, I'd jump off too.  Plus it fulfills my nerdy Star Trek desire for a PADD.

2. This week I swung by Best Buy on a whim. I merely wanted to stare longingly at the iPad 2 display, knowing that they would be out of stock, and so I went and stared until a sales associate came up and told me that they were, in fact, in stock, all models of iPad 2, a shipment had come in 10 minutes ago, and did I need any help?  I was all HOLY CRAP YES I'LL TAKE ONE and he went to get the keys to the cupboard only to unlock it and find that all the wi-fi units had already sold out.  Even he was shocked and kept insisting that it had only been 10 minutes and the shelf had been full to here, really, seriously 10 minutes ago.  He was very apologetic and I cried tears of blood and went away in sorrow.

3. Some company in the UK is selling Swarovski-encrusted iPad 2s.  As Krispy can attest, Alz loves the Shiny, and accordingly I upgraded my desire from plain iPad 2 to CrystalRoc iPad 2.  At ~$5600 a pop, they are a tad on the pricey side, but for that much Swarovski-bling it's not unexpected.

Source: CrystalRoc

4. And then I found out that there's an even better iPad 2 out there.  A 24k diamond-studded-Apple-logo ammolite-and-T-rex-bone-framed iPad 2 featuring an additional flawless 8.5 carat diamond inlaid in platinum with even more diamonds surrounding it, courtesy of Stuart Hughes.  I'm sure I can scrounge enough change under the couch cushions to come up with the ~$8 million necessary to buy one.  There are only two in the world, mind you, so I'd better act snappy.

Source: MTV Geek

5. But since I do not foresee an iPad 2 (crystal-encrusted, 24k, or otherwise) in my immediate future, I decided to do the next best thing: I made myself a gold manatee with bejeweled eyes.

So that's my iPad 2 tale so far.  I don't want to order one because I have commitment issues combined with a desire for immediate gratification and the intellectual knowledge that all I want is a new toy to play with, so I'll just lie in wait for opportunity--and then I will strike!  For, as they say, opportunity knocks but once.

What do you think about the iPad 2?  Is it overhyped? Do you want one anyway?


Tere Kirkland said...

Reason 1 (embarrassingly, mostly the last part of reason 1) is why I want one, too. But I mostly need a computer to type, and my nook to read, so I imagine an iPad will just wind up being a procrastination tool more than anything else. I don't really need another cool toy in my life right now. I'm just too busy!!

Also, you have mad manatee making skills!

Happy Friday!!

Lydia Kang said...

Oh I want one too. But I don't need one. Therein lies the rub.

Your manatee kicks some serious ass. and you made that? You're too awesome.

Spartezda said...

...I lost all other trains of thought at 'framed with t-rex bone.'

I can't decide if the idea is horrifying or the most amazing thing this week.

Sophia Chang said...

W.T.F. Alz

First of all, that is the manatee yet - that gold lame (or whatever the heck really made the wrinkles authentic).

Second, it was divine intervention that you didn't get an iPad that day.

You can buy my iPod Touch at a discount. Discounted b/c it has my name engraved very faintly on the back.

Alz said...

Tere- As long as I'm wishing, I want a holodeck and a replicator as well as a PADD. A transporter would be nice too. With all those gadgets I'd be so well-versed in procrastination I'd never get anything done again! Although I'm hoping to test out the iPad as a sort of e-reader, to see if I'll get over my ebook prejudices.

Lydia – Aye, there's the rub. But can I want one so much that the want transforms into a need? Yes. Yes I think sometimes I can rationalize it that way. If I've had enough caffeine. I love my manatee in the meantime, but I'll let you and Tere in on a secret: I'm a one-trick pony and a one-hit wonder. Pretty much all I can make are manatees (of various sizes) and small penguins.

Spartezda – Apparently dinosaur bone can agatize (which I take to mean "turns pretty and gemstoney inside") and is actually used in some jewelry as a gemstone, when properly cut and polished. I can only wonder what that t-rex would think if it knew its thigh bone would go on to embellish an iPad millions of years after its death.

Sophia – I don't think this material is lame, but I don't remember what it is either because it was a remnant I got for 50% off and I didn't keep the tag. It sewed a lot easier than lame. I also beg to differ—I think it was unholy intervention that I didn't get an iPad. Absolutely unholy. And I will decline your iTouch for now—since that CrystalRoc place sells gold-plated and/or Swarovski-encrusted iTouches. Someday when I am rich and powerful and I rule the world with an iron fist, I will get me one of those.

Connie Keller said...

I love the manatee!

ali cross said...

Aw, Alz. I *love* your heart of stone and soullessness. It speaks to me. And that manatee? He speaks to me too. He says "don't look too closely at me or I'll spit on you!"

Charmaine Clancy said...

We have all sorts of Apple gizmots in our house and my Hubby loves his iPad. I do like them, but must say it is nothing more than a bigger version of the iPod touch, it is not up to the same standard as a laptop. It is pretty good for reading books (although I prefer my Kindle for that because it's not backlit). I don't think the iPad2 had enough improvements over the original, but look forward to the iPad3 - (iPad3D?).
Love your gold manatee :)
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Sherrie Petersen said...

My husband bought us an iPad for Christmas and we love it. We'd probably love the iPad2 even better, but we're happy with this. It's beautiful, easy to use, can entertain the kids for hours, and I like reading on it much better than reading on the Kindle. But I'm a huge fan of Apple products (she says as she types on her MacBook Pro!)

Alz said...

Connie – Thanks! He looks really spectacular out in the sun, flashing gold and glinting.

Ali – He does have a snooty sort of expression, doesn't he? He probably thinks he's real gold and diamonds. I wonder how much he'd cost if he were real cloth-of-gold with diamond eyes and stuffing made of, er, unicorn hair. Still probably not $8 million.

Charmaine – Hmm, guess I'm extra glad then that I didn't spring for the iTouch! I didn't expect the iPad to take the place of my computer, so I guess it really will just be a grown-up toy for me to waste time on. I'm torn between selfishly hoping that iPad 3 will have a similar set of modest improvements (so I won't want to upgrade) and then hoping that iPad 3 is SPECTACULAR (so I have an excuse to upgrade).

Solvang – It's good to hear you like it better than Kindle! I've never done more than look at Kindle in the store and push the buttons, so maybe the iPad will help get me used to e-format. I still can't shake the feeling that I ought to be turning paper pages between my fingers. I'll have to test out which I like better someday: backlit iPad 2 vs non backlit Kindle.