Randomosity on Fridays

Helloooo, friends! I wish I had more time to properly post and chat with you, but it's been a hectic week for me - what with normal work craziness plus trip craziness plus holiday madness. So here we go into the five.

1. THANK YOU, EVERYONE for your cold weather survival tips! When I come back with all my fingers and toes intact, I will have you to thank. First though, I must dig into my old college clothes for the warmer items. NorCal is actually colder than SoCal, but I've sadly lost my tolerance for even that bit of cold. Alz made me a hat. Luce made me a cowl and scarf (not for this specifically, but it's good I have them!)

2. Speaking of, anything I should try to do while in Chicago? Sights I should see? Things I should eat? I only have 1 free day though, so make these your absolute BEST suggestions. :)

3. New Year's dinner was small (not quite the feast I lead you all to believe), but it still involved much more food than we could eat. Yum. Unfortunately, Alz and I made a boba run after dinner, which was an EPIC FAIL because they were all closed. Yeah, most boba place people celebrate Lunar New Year.

4. I spent 12 hours at work today (Thursday). TWELVE. I don't even...

5. The sister has recently picked up a lot of awesome(weird) dance moves thanks to the internetz. From the band Parachute (one of her faves), she got DOUBLE DREAM HANDS.

And from a reblog I did on Tumblr, she got her new Midterm/Exam conquering victory dance.

Well, I'm off to Chicago this weekend, so I might miss the Wednesday post (if I don't think of something clever before I leave). I'll try to be back Friday, perhaps even with pictures! (...if I'm not frozen solid.)

Until then, stay warm everyone! Have an awesome weekend!

What are your awesomest dance moves? Anyone else going to learn the DOUBLE DREAM HANDS routine?


Connie Keller said...

Have fun in Chicago!

Unknown said...

Stay warm in Chicago!!! I love just walking around downtown Chicago, being from Iowa we used to make visits and chill out at Millenium Park, have lunch around there and just enjoy the scenery. With the snow you won't get to see the true beauty (Oh the Pier is fab as well) but you'll still enjoy it I'm sure! Just know that next time to go with warmer weather!

Stay safe!

Tere Kirkland said...

Ugh, I worked an 11 hour day yesterday (Thursday), too! And I have to work on Saturday, which I usually don't, for ten hours. There goes my weekend.

LOL, I can picture you and Alz trying to get your boba on, and everyplace you tried was closed.

Have a great weekend, ladies!

ali cross said...

OMgosh watching that dance video was kind of mesmerizing. Yay for double dream hands!

Sorry you had to work for TWELVE hours. Blech. :(

Melissa said...

12 hours at work???!!! I hope your weekend is full of relaxing and awesome to make up for that!

Emy Shin said...

:( Sorry about the 12-hour work day! That's just terrible. But I hope you'll have a wonderful time in Chicago despite the freezing cold.

XiXi said...

Millenium Park. And Michigan Avenue if you like shopping. Nobody will believe you went to Chicago unless you go to Millenium Park and take your obligatory Bean picture. It's just a rule of life. ;)

Have fun!

Danyelle L. said...

I hope you have a great trip!

jdsanc said...

I tried, but my hands kept going jazz. I really wanted dream hands, but they just wouldn't cooperate. They seemed to have a mind of their own. Born to jazz, I guess. Damn.

Lydia Kang said...

Double dream hands was so funny! Stay warm. Use that cowl!