Randomosity on Fridays

Thanks everyone for their comments on the book reviews! I'm glad you're enjoying them and I will hound Alz to do more. :)

Also, welcome new followers! Where did you come from? I peeked over and there were a bunch of you!

I have no theme for today's randomosity, so it will be randomosity in its purist form. Get ready!

1. I cut my hair really short - like into a bob that's barely chin-length. Surprisingly, I think I like it. See, I'm a long-hair type of girl and I'm Asian, so this type of move (like getting the straight bangs) could easily have made me look 15. Not saying it doesn't, but I don't totally look like a baby, so that's a plus in my book! Now the back of my neck just has to get used to being cold.

2. The Naked Palette is everything I want in a neutral tones palette. I can take this ONE palette with me on vacation or wherever and I'd be set. I know, I sound like a freaking commercial for this thing, but I love it!

3. Joining Tumblr might have been a mistake. It is the hugest TIME SUCK of life. Maybe I exaggerate a little, but then again, maybe not. But it's so fun!

4. I finished reading Across the Universe and Matched this week, and I quite enjoyed both. I've convinced Alz to read Matched, so we will perhaps have a joint review for you in the near future.

5. Alz and I are discussing story ideas and using extended metaphors to do so. We're talking about playing in sandboxes. Apparently, I almost died (metaphorically) once in one of hers, but she assures me that her new one is bigger and I can bring my own toys. But I'm not sure I like sand all that much to begin with. In the words of Anakin Skywalker: It's coarse and rough and irritating. And it gets everywhere...

I'm not really sure what we're talking about anymore.

Did you do anything interesting this week? Anything DARING? (Cutting my hair totally counts.) Share your bit of random!


XiXi said...

Well, biggest news of today: MY GLASSES ARE IN EARLY. WOO HOO.

Also, I've always wanted to cut my hair in a bob, but I feel like it would look awful on me. But those cute Asians who have bobs ... why can't I be like them? D: Have a good weekend!

Melissa said...

School isn't super daring or interesting so no.....

I'm planning to read Matched next week!

Lydia Kang said...

I never thought I'd hear that quote from Anakin ever again. You proved me wrong, ha ha!
I think I'm going to read ATU this weekend.

David de Beer said...

Krispy, from I can recall of your photos where you had shorter bangs it looked pretty good so you didn't need to worry.

I bought a coffee table this week, and a new desk, and am 99% certain of a new couch I am goign to buy. Am trying not to worry about all the money it costs.

Tumblr because why?
which reminds me -- you are now on goodreads, yeah?

Sherrie Petersen said...

Omigosh, two of my favorite books! As for the bob, I wish I could wear one, but with the curly hair, I just end up looking like a poodle!

Krispy said...

XIXI- Yay for SIGHT! :D I always thought the bob would look weird on me, but it's surprisingly okay. That or my hairdresser is a genius.

MELISSA- Can't wait to hear what you think of Matched!

LYDIA- That Anakin quote will NEVER be gone as long as you associate with me. My friends and I used to quote it all the time in high school because it is SO RIDICULOUS. He's such a creeper in that part of the movie (well, other parts too, but mostly that part).

DAVID- Thanks for the vote of confidence! The bangs are okay; it's the shortness of the rest of the hair that worries me. :P

Yay for new furniture! I'm following some Tumblrs that post up all these pics of people's nice homes, and it makes me want to interior decorate. And Tumblr because it looks fun and it is, but it's a time suck.

Yes, I am on goodreads! :)

SHERRIE- Oh yay! Glad to hear you liked Matched too! I'm still waiting for Alz to read it so I can have someone to talk to about it. Haha.

You wouldn't look like a poodle! Though that is a very humorous description.

Danyelle L. said...

*grin* You made me laugh at #1. Being half Asian, I can totally see looking 15 depending on the cut. :p Will there be pics?

Love, love your joint reviews! They are the most in depth, balanced reviews I've ever come across. Really enjoy them. :D

Christina Lee said...
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Christina Lee said...

I am so glad I know nothing about tumblr (fingers in ears-lalalala)! I enjoyed Matched as well!

Sophia Chang said...

Dude, I've always shied away from bobs b/c I don't want to go near that Anna Mae Chong/Asian fetish look, gnome sane? Plus I don't want to be mistaken for a hipster. :P

I'm about to go to Taiwan, which is the only place where they perm hair right, so hopefully I'll be able to get a haircut then.

Yup, there was a big New Year's sale at Borders and I got Matched - thanks for the input!

Congrats on the influx of followers, I'm still waiting to gain the same contingency I had on my old blog. Patience, patience...(aaaaagh)