Randomosity on Fridays: NYC Edition

I am BACK my darlings from New York City, and oh, was she a more glitzy temptress than I remember! I did much, I ate much, and basically, there was much muchness and I came back with a milkshake cup from the chocolatey paradise of Max Brenner called The Alice Cup. How fitting is that? I love chocolate AND I get a named cup. AWESOME.

Anyway, I'm about to pass out, so quick recap this week. Pictures next time!

1. I experienced the longest shuttle ride of my life. Take a cab from the airport into the city. It's a lot faster and TOTALLY WORTH the extra money. I got in a shuttle at 7:55am and didn't get to my friend's place until 11:30am. I KID YOU NOT.

2. I was a fatty the entire trip. I had a DAY of my vacation dedicated solely to EATING. That day was topped off by a homemade dinner from my friend's pastry chef friend, who (of course) made us dessert. I ate THREE of the brioche desserts he made - with ice cream and strawberries.

3. Um, books! Chilled at a Borders near Wall Street, stepped into Barnes & Noble on 18th - apparently "The Largest Bookstore in the World," and checked out Books of Wonder. Perk to the Books of Wonder trip was the Cupcake Cafe next door. They were part of Bravo's Top Chef: Just Desserts thing, so we got free cupcakes. SO GOOD.

I did mention I was a total FATTY on this trip, right?

4. The sister and I had a whole PERCY JACKSON Adventure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art while we were there. We joked about it when we got there since Percy's a New Yorker and part of his adventure does take place in the Met, but the Met actually has like a pamphlet thing ABOUT Percy Jackson and how "mythology lives" at the Met in their Greek and Roman collection. So that was pretty cool.

This is @kangaru chillin' with Hamilton on Twitpic
Chillin' w/Hamilton at Trinity Church
5. ALEXANDER HAMILTON. For those of you who don't know and/or are new around here, there's something you have to know about me. I'm kinda sorta in love with Alexander Hamilton. Yeah, that handsome fellow on the $10. I think he's super awesome. Well, he was a New Yorker - went to Columbia University (known as King's College back then), lived and practiced in Manhattan, and was interred at Trinity Church. So, OF COURSE, I had to go on little Hamiltonian excursions. Hit up Columbia, Trinity Church, and stumbled upon a portrait of him done by John Trumbull in the American Wing of the Met. Oh and this is behind a building facade replica of a branch of the Bank of the United States a.k.a. Hamilton's brainchild.

That's all for now. You can check out all my ridiculous foodage on Twitter/Twitpic: @kangaru.

More updates/pictures in the future. It's technically Thursday night as I write this and I am tired from travel and I have work tomorrow. So, I will see you all next week. Hope you all had a wonderful week! Anything interesting happen while I was away?

P.S. In case you hadn't heard, the sweet and cool Tere at The Lesser Key HAS AN AGENT!!! Go congratulate her if you haven't already! Oh and her agent also reps Suzanne Collins, as in the woman who wrote the freaking Hunger Games trilogy. So yeah, congrats FOR REALS, Tere!


Tere Kirkland said...

I was about to post how cool it is that the Met has a brochure about Percy Jackson, when I saw your postscript.

Thanks, Alice! I feel very special today!

And all your awesome food anecdotes are making me hungry, so I better go get something sensible to eat instead of a huge catfish plate or something equally ridiculous.

Thanks again!


David de Beer said...

you a fatty? no, I find that hard to imagine. as long the food was delicious it's always justifiale, though.

have you read Percy Jackson? I saw the movie, it was silly but rather cute and I enjoyed it. Looks like the books are a whole series, not just a book although it's YA, and that's not always my thing.
Mind, "adult" fantasy is seriously underwhelming me right now so, might be worth a shot. Books aimed at kids are just more outrageously fun sometimes.
Best book I read all year was The Golden Compass, although unfortunately the sequels lost a lot of the flair and I lost interest.
so, hmm, I take it you and the sister ran into a whole assorment of greek gods and monsters then? and since you're still here I take it the two of you were victorious:)

Alz said...

Tere - Cnngrats on landing an awesome agent! Can't wait for the book announcement. Hope it comes soon.

David - Krispy and her sister have both read all the Percy books, but I'm in your boat--I saw the movie with them, but haven't read any. Movie was fun and I'd like to read the books, but first I have a million other books to finish.

I did read the His Dark Materials trilogy and I agree--first book was the best. I also liked parts of the last one and some of the ideas tossed around, but found the pacing odd and the resolution to be a few sparkles short of a glitter.

David de Beer said...

the resolution to be a few sparkles short of a glitter.

ooh, very nicely put, miss! I must find a way to work that into a conversation some day, some way. Took me about 20 years to finally find a fitting opening for "be that as it may", but it was SO fitting the wait was worth it.

anyways, His Dark Materials:
I kept having this suspicion that he totally changed course midway in the series, with what he wanted the books to be about and what he wanted from it. OR maybe he just didn't know how to end it. It happens.
The magical artifacts were pretty cool though, and maybe the initial setup was simply so terrific that my expectations were raised too high with the sequels.

I dunno, it just fell flat along the way. ah, well, writers are human too:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time. And it's okay to have fatty moments every now and then. I also love bookstore hopping.

Krispy said...

Tere- Yes! Very cool! I will post pics. You ARE very special! I hope you ate something delicious.

David- LONG TIME, SIR! How are you? I've read Percy Jackson & sort of love it. It's a little bit too aimed-at-11-yr-old-boys in the first two books, but I did enjoy them and the later ones were quite good. That and I have a soft spot for most things Greek Myth, so... Being a MG series DOES NOT bother me, and my sister loved the series. Then again, she's like a boy when it comes to many things, so makes sense a series with boy appeal would appeal to her. Haha. The books are very fun, very quick reads too.

I've read the Golden Compass but not the others. Don't know why, but back when I read GC in 8th grade, I wasn't all that compelled to continue, which is why I haven't. I do want to revisit it though since it was interesting & people I know really like the series.

Medeia- Thanks! Yes, it is especially okay to be a FATTY on vacation. :)

David de Beer said...

@Krispy -- it has been a little while:)
I'm doing okay, thanks. Busy with work. Will also be balancing studies next year, if all goes as planned. Can't quite figure out if the university has accepted my application or not. At my age? I must be daft, but oh well, at least this time it's study towards a greater purpose, not "let's go to varsity because...uhm, everyone goes to varsity now that we don't need to do army anymore."

anyways, yeah, I do still catch your and Alz's blogging on Google Reader, just havn't commented much anywher, and my primary interest has been mostly the state of the Rams. although, now regular NFL season has started the pre-season hope has succssfully imploded and I'm free to participate in other areas.
How's your Bears looking this year?

Greek myth is the most awesomest of all the myths. No idea why, it just is.