Randomosity on Fridays: APAH + Mother's Day Edition

In honor of Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Mother's Day, I present to you my themed Friday 5.

1. Two important APA anniversaries happen in May - May 7, 1843 saw the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants in America and May 10, 1869 marked the completion of the transcontinental railroad, which was constructed with the labor of many Chinese workers.

2. Sadly, May also marked the signing of the only U.S. immigration law to exclude a group from entry and naturalization in the United States based solely on race/ethnicity. On May 8, 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed into law. This law stayed in effect (with renewals and additions) until 1943 when it was repealed, finally allowing Chinese residents in the States to become naturalized citizens and allowing a small quota of Chinese immigrants in per year.

3. Lela Lee is the awesomesauce creator of the Angry Little Girls! comics (and a Cal alumna! Go Bears!). My favorite girl is Kim, the angry little Asian girl, not just because she's hilarious and Asian to boot, but also I think my sister is like the Real Life version of Kim. She's always so angry.

4. Speaking of Kim and Angry Little Girls, this is the Mother's Day part of my 5:
(this gem courtesy of Angry Little Girls!)

My mom does actually like flowers and gifts, but I've definitely gotten a few similar reactions in the past from BOTH parents when I try to buy them presents.

That and my mom does stuff like compliment my dress (which she actually likes for once) and then proceed to tell me that I need to exercise because she's noticed a little pudge here and there. Followed by: "Come here. Let me SHOW YOU (where you are fat)." Thanks, Mom. (But it's okay because I don't really listen and I know you mean well...mostly.)

Asian moms (and visiting relatives) tell it like it is. There is no mercy. If you have gained a little weight, THEY WILL TELL YOU.

5. XiXi had a funny and sweet Mother's Day post at her blog that went in a similar vein as the comic above. This reminded me of the My Mom is a Fob website, which celebrates the unintentional hilarity and adorableness of fobby moms everywhere.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone! Yay weekend!


XiXi said...

HAHAH, that is so true. "Look, you've gained so much weight." Not that it matters that we are both clinically underweight according to American standards.

I don't know about you, but my mom and I have "weighing contests" on the scale, because we both weigh within 5 lb of each other, usually, but she likes to see who is fatter.

I feel like this would be considered anorexia in any other family.

lisa and laura said...

That comic is adorable! And I loved XiXi's blog post too. So funny.

And for the record, I'm not sure my self esteem could handle an Asian mom. I have a hard enough time with the Regulator!

Krispy said...

XiXi- LOL. Weighing contests. My mom and I are thankfully far enough apart in weight that this would never happen. I hope it stays that way.

LiLa- Well, having an Asian mom all my life helps with the thick skin thing to the well-meaning but perhaps self-esteem crushing comments. I guess it's that whole, if it's all you've ever known, you don't know anything else deal. For the record, your mom's nickname is impressive and intimidating.