April brings Awesomeness

I'm back from my mini-blog break! Did I finish any stories? No, BUT the end of March was awesomesauce! I celebrated some dear friends' birthdays, and uh, I gave up much needed sleep after a late night out to picnic in OK Go's next music video. I KID YOU NOT. It is surreal to me. Good thing I have pictures to prove it.

I have to thank my sister for her fangirlish tendencies (no wonder we're sibs) and telling me to not-be-such-a-grandma and to trade sleep for a rare opportunity. SO WORTH IT. I realize suddenly that last time I broke a resolution was for an OK Go concert. Hmm.

That awesomeness aside, I have more to share!

The fabulous and hilarious Lisa and Laura are holding an EPIC contest to celebrate their 500+ followers!!! Check out LiLa's Totally Epic 500 Followers Contest to see what the amazing prizes are and to place your bets! What? Did I forget to mention the premise of the contest is an ARM-WRESTLING match between the sisters?

See, I told you it was awesome.

Anyway, with the weather warming, my mood is lifting as well. I feel a new determination to work on the resolutions I've been failing at. So expect a Resolution Progress Report soon, along with some brief book reviews. In March I finished ArchEnemy and Soulless, and I finished If I Stay this weekend. I'm currently a little over 100pgs into the next Gemma Doyle book, Rebel Angels.

Alz and I are also thinking about doing a character interview, but we'll have to see who we can persuade or coerce into obliging us.

Spring has put a bounce in my step. Has it done the same for you?


Tere Kirkland said...

Spring has put a bounce in my step, too, Krispy. I just rotated my winter clothes back to the recesses of my closet, which always cheers me up!

XiXi said...


Nayuleska said...

Nice to see you back Krispy!

I am feeling spring. We actually have blue skies in England right now (sometimes rare), and it just brightens up the entire day with the sun beaming down. I can easily forget there was frost on my windscreen this morning...