June Gloom

It's June! Weirdly enough, it is gloomy and sometimes threatens rain despite it being this time of year. I don't like that it seems like winter when it's supposed to be summer. What's this got to do with writing? Other than it putting a cramp in my mood, nothing really. I'm just popping in for an update and to take care of some belated business.

Firstly, Alz and I finished the Holiday Cookie! Yay! She already went into it a bit in the earlier post below, but it's kind of awesome. No, it's really awesome! Why? Because we have an effing ISBN NUMBER!!! Alz, being the Word Monster that she is, won Nanowrimo last year, and the reward was a coupon for createspace, which does self-publishing projects. Since she didn't want the coupon to go to waste AND because we had written this monster of a cookie for a friend, we thought it'd be cool to actually GIVE IT TO HER TO READ in BOOK form. It arrived in the mail last week, and it's kind of amazing. Mostly, I am psyched we have AN ISBN NUMBER.

Now may also be a good time to say that the title we settled on was "A Story of Very Questionable Origin" because I'm...not that creative and mostly because the story (if it can be called that) takes place in my Story of Questionable Origin storyverse.

Also, we have a back-cover synopsis now too, which I will now provide for those of you who are morbidly curious as to what this "cookie" Alz keeps talking about is.

The House of the Fallen is having a holiday dinner party. Who shall they invite? Why, their friends of course! Lady Lucia intends to throw a soiree to be remembered, and to make it extra memorable the guest list includes Crimson Imperator Banscray, Royal Knight Sincère Vrai, Lady Ciel Vrai, and Scarlet Kestrel Firalaer Firenight Phoenix; at the behest of Lord Lucianus, so too are invited Death herself—Lady Soleil Morana—and her companions Irihi and Vikenti; and Lucia's son Lucifer will, of course, be dragging his dear friend Michael into the familial holiday fray. Cross-dimensional travel presents no obstacle when there is the promise of fine food, fine wine, and even finer company.

Of course, this is the House of the Fallen. And what happens here stays here…

…or does it?

Secondly, the very sweet (despite her curious desire to bottle people) Danyelle at Carpe Mousa and Myth-takes awarded our blog with this very lovely award! She's so nice! I'm still so flattered, I don't know what to do with myself! So yay! Thanks!!! (And excuse me for taking so long to post this up!)


Oh also, HAPPY (June) BIRTHDAY to the cyber-twins Merc and David! And that's all for now!


Merc said...

Yay for ISBN numbers! :D The "cookie" sounds like a lot of fun. ;) Do you guys have a cover for it too?

(And thanks for the b-day wishes. O:))


David de Beer said...

ta for the birthday wishes again:)

and yeah, what Merc said -- show us the cover!

Danyelle L. said...


Congrats on your book!

*throws confetti!

Congrats again!. :D

Krispy said...

We do have a cover! A really random cover courtesy of my sister, who took a boatload of Christmas tree pictures last year. Unfortunately, I only have the photo. I think Alz is the one with the actual cover-cover. I shall bug her.

Thanks all!!! :) It's fun to have a book-book, even if it is full of crack-tastic wordage that only some people would find amusing. Hahaha.

Suzette Saxton said...

I'm thrilled for you and must echo Danyelle:


Krispy said...

Thanks Suzette! I'm so psyched about this that I think if Alz or I ever have a book "for real" as it were, I think I'd implode. Hahaha.

Danyelle L. said...

*stern look*

No imploding before allowing the rest of us to feast on your delicious words! (For some reason, I have cookies on the brain. ;-))