Growing Pains

We're alive and working on the story, I swear! It's just that May has been a busy month for both me and Alz, what with the whole graduating from college and all that. ZOMG. May is a month of those pesky final Finals and pomp and circumstance related events such as Commencement and hauling 4 years worth of accumulated stuff (how did I manage to have so much stuff in that small apartment?) from one side of the state back down to the other. Well, the latter pertains mostly to me. (Alz higher educated herself closer to home.)

In any case, that is the real and true reason for the month-long silence here at Nudge -- surprisingly not procrastination and not laziness. Though, I have also been trying to think up something interesting to write about in terms of how our baby is developing, and boy, is the baby developing.

We've gotten to that point in the novel where, well, the shizz is hitting the fan. I don't think I ever realized how hard it is to go out with a bang. It certainly sounds easy and straightforward enough, but it's not. It's incredibly hard to actually plan out the climax. I mean, this is THE Moment--of Truth! if you will--so you kind of have to get it right. There's also that sort of stage fright-like feeling. Now that we are finally there, at this Point of points in the story, I find myself blanking on my lines. So we're here at the pearly gates, but what the frell are we supposed to do?

I'm a little overwhelmed to be honest. There's a lot of action in multiple locations involving multiple characters that needs to be planned out. This includes the issue of transitions between scenes, characters, and even actions by the same characters. I mean, there has to be rhyme and reason when a character goes from operating as a Distraction to purposefully fulfilling his current Goal in Life. There's also a lot of pesky logistics cropping up like emergency evacuation procedures (should have paid more attention during fire drills!), event/location security (what kind, how many, armed/or not and with what?), and the weight-carrying ability of teenagers (how many sacks of potatoes do you think they can drag and can they do it while being pursued by a pack of purple bunnies?).

Oh and Alz mentioned last post that we recently gave one of our characters a crippling fear of snakes, which will now potentially be a Big Problem, considering we're about to head into a section involving a whole mess of serpents (or would that be a tangle of serpents?). Comedic effect, you better be worth the trouble!

Much like most climactic explosion-filled scenes are, things are very confusing and I'm not quite sure what's going on. I'm trying very hard to figure things out on the fly, much like my good friend Pi, who is getting into all sorts of trouble and wondering what she did to deserve it. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I know I am.

P.S. Next time, I try to figure out what my issue with bad guys is. It'll probably be a long post involving a lot of ani/manga people.

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