2011 in Review

We're putting off our 2012 Resolutions until next week. Yeah, not-procrastinating is always a work-in-progress goal. Anyway, since most of our December posts were "Best of" and "YA Superlative posts," we're going to take today to give a quick recap of our 2011.

We realized while putting this post together that A LOT happened to us this year! Here's the rundown.


We helped launch the Godspeed (for Beth Revis' Across the Universe), and Penguin very nicely sent us a signed copy of AtU for our troubles!


I went on 2 trips: Chicago (for work, my first time there!) & San Francisco (for fun, Girls' trip!).
Right after Snowpocalypse. I've never been so cold in my life (Californian here). Actually, Germany in winter was pretty freaking cold.

Alz introduced her amazing doodle skills when it comes to YA Key Scenes. Ms. Lydia Kang fell in love with them.


We met the hilarious and multi-talented SOPHIA CHANG in REAL LIFE after we realized we live in the same area thanks to talking about the closing of local Borders stores (sadness).

She did a Guest Post on Music here and Alz did a Guest Post on MFAs in Creative Writing there.

The Sister and I started Doctor Who, and then promptly marathoned from Eccleston to Tennant to Smith. Not all in this month but over the next few. Ten is our Doctor. Always. (So much David Tennant love!)

Also of note, Alz and I started our current joint-project.


I discovered that my friends and the sister and I are all very competitive Easter Egg Hunters. We also started watching Game of Thrones, which Alz still needs to finish watching.

The sister and I bought SHEEPY, who is now an inextricable part of our lives. He takes after the sister, which means I think he's slightly evil.

The sister and I probably watched the 1st season of BBC's Sherlock around this time.


We celebrated Asian/Pacific- American Heritage Month all month long with books, food, and picture posts. We had our first vlog - me and Sophia!

The sister and I saw THOR, which we thought would suck like a vacuum sucks dust, but we were wrong. So wrong. We were also wrong about no one going to the movies on Mother's Day weekend. We got our butts handed to us by a theater full of Dads and small children. Well played, geeky Dads, well played. Uh, also I apparently like villains?

This one, specifically.
(And Tom Hiddleston is so very charming.)


We participated in a bunch of blogfests. Sophia and I vlogged again. I finally met some long-time online writer-buddies, Merc and Spartezda.

Aaaand...I bought my first car.


The month of HARRY POTTER. The end of an era. We dressed up, went to the midnight showing, and indulged in a lot of nostalgia. I also met blogger-writer Anne at the HP midnight showing!

The sister and I went to Disneyland a lot (the new Star Tours, omg). I found blogger Linda, who I thought was like my online doppleganger...and then we realized we actually had mutual friends in REAL LIFE and went to the same university. SMALL WORLD.

Alz started adding doodles to her reviews.


We did Camp NaNoWriMo, Alz created the YA Love Triangle terms for boys, and Alz drew a very amusing comic of me.

How do you prefer your YA male love interests?

Oh, and I turned 25. Whut.

Sophia & I celebrated together - August b-days!


I got hipster hair and then flew off to New York City for the Sister's birthday! I even vlogged about it.


Alz reviewed Wings with possibly the BEST DOODLES EVER.

Hi, I'm Laurel.

We were in the Narley Ninja feature on ali cross' blog.

I also dressed up as Laurel for Halloween.


We did NaNoWriMo, and Sophia and I vlogged our answers to Lori's MeMe. There was that amazing episode of The Simpsons with Neil Gaiman; the Sister discovered he's British.

Alz hit her Quarter Century Mark!


There was a crazy "wind event" in SoCal. Particularly our bit of SoCal.

The sister shared her favorite music from 2011 - Part 1 and Part 2. Then we participated in the YA Superlatives Blogfest where we picked our favorite books and characters of 2011!

On New Year's Eve, we danced like loons and then my cousin made us pies with the personal pie-maker we bought her.

SO that's our 2011 in a nutshell! A lot more happened than we thought. This was also the year the Sister and I became geekier (we didn't think it was possible), what with the sci-fi and the comic book franchises. She and I also picked up a couple more Brit celeb crushes [Tom Hiddleston (love him so much right now), David Tennant (our Doctor), Benedict Cumberbatch (for his fantastic, fascinating, and funny turn as Sherlock), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones - Robb Stark), and I have to include Ewan McGregor - despite his being a long-time crush of ours - just because he is forever flawless]!

Here at A Nudge, we met many more amazing bloggers (in real life and online) in 2011! Some of you we've chatted, emailed, and tweeted with for so long, it feels like much more than a year. We hope to have more fun with you in 2012. :)

We'll have a book review on Wednesday. A positive one! I would even say one full of GUSHING and SQUEEING. Mostly from me, but Alz will back me up. Really.

What did you accomplish last year? More than you thought? (Definitely the case for us!)


Angela Brown said...

Your year in review sounds like a whirlwind adventure.

I started a blog, which led me to realize the blogosphere is uber fun, then did NaNoWriMo and failed up to a WiP I really like and I had a chance to blog-meet other great bloggers like you guys.

You guys do rock!

Connie Keller said...

I found your blog when my daughter said, "You've got to read this review of Across the Universe." I joined the blog and got the book. We've been loving your blog ever since.


Ariana Ferrone said...

Wow, your year has been amazing!

julie fedderson said...

What a fabulous year!! I'm so glad I have gotten to witness the epic greatness of your comic art!

Barbara Ann Wright said...

Your year sounded like a lot of fun. Mine was full of ups and downs, flirting with bankruptcy all the way to publication. It was a very emotional year.

Golden Eagle said...

It sounds like you had a great year. :)

I did accomplish more than I thought I would last year; which was definitely a nice surprise!

Lydia Kang said...

I accomplished a lot this year. More than I though could have happened in one year.

Thank you guys for such a great year on your blog. You've been awesome; I've been entertained. And dude, I made it onto your blog again! Aaaaah. Lucky me.

Sophia Chang said...

I love how much I've been able to be a part of your blogging year like you've been for mine! You're one of the few people I get to see regularly IN REAL LIFE.

Emy Shin said...

Your year sounds entirely awesome, and I hope 2012 will be even better for both of you!

Anonymous said...

Oh what an adventure you had this year!!!
I can't wait to see what 2012 has in reserve for you guys.
2011 wasn't too bad for me but nowhere near as awesome as yours :)

Sherrie Petersen said...

What a great year! LOVE ATU and A Million Suns totally rocks, too.

Like you, I was shocked by how good Thor was. My son made me watch the dvd and I'll admit, I might have a little crush on Chris Hemsworth. But David Tennant will forever be an eyeball licking Death Eater in my brain. His role in HP just creeped me out. I'm sorry. Can't get over it.