Randomosity on Fridays

This always happens to me when I walk into a video store (soon to be obsolete): all the movies I've ever had interest in seeing just disappear from my head. Poof. Gone! Just like that. I'm left standing in a room full of movies and no idea what I want to rent.

So what I'm really talking about is I was going to do another Paper Hangover Friday Five about covers I'm enamored with, but I can't settle on individual ones. Wither's cover comes to mind, but that's sitting on my table right now. Basically, I think the art departments are doing some really lovely work these days for the YA section and it's too much for me to contemplate at this time.

Very RANDOM Randomosity it is!

1. I celebrated Easter with some buddies this past weekend. We had an Easter Egg Hunt, and it got pretty competitive. There were several rounds.

2. On Monday, I found out that my little niece hunted Easter eggs too but only went like 3 rounds before she had enough. My niece is 4. My friends and I are all at least 2 decades older than her, and we hunted Easter eggs most of the late afternoon.

3. I suspect the homeless cat from next door is sleeping on my car at night. My proof? The driveway light keeps flashing on (it's motion sensitive), and there are paw prints all over the hood of my car. There's a circular spot of concentrated paw prints where it probably settles.

4. My sister and I watched the Game of Thrones pilot together (well, she had to leave halfway through). It was entertaining because our commentary went thus:

[Man orders other man to keep searching for whoever in ominous wintery landscape]

Me: Hey, doesn't he look kind of like Matt Damon?

Sis: Yeah, mixed in with a little Josh Hartnett? He has a snobby-ish accent.

Me: Yeah, yeah! Like a Haldir-type accent!

[Creepy stuff happens, people start dying]

Me: Oh crap, what's happening?!

Sis: I think we missed a lot of important dialogue.

[Later in the show, when we meet the people of Winterfell...]

Sis: Oh my God, is that- is that a guy with long sideburns tied under his chin into a beard?!

Me: Um, yes.

Sis: *dies laughing* WHO DOES THAT?! I mean, when I was like 5, I thought about doing that, but he's like a grown man!

Me: *laughing because Sis is hysterical* Wait, I think we missed something important again! Hey, Robb Stark looks kinda familiar...

Sis: He looks like a young Guy Pierce.

[Later, when more characters are introduced...]

Sis: Augh, who's that creepy-lookin' kid?

Me: Uh, I think that's the prince?

[Ned Stark's oldest daughter seems interested in him.]

Sis: Nooo, is she into him?! But he's so weird looking! Her brother's way hotter!


Sis: *flails*

[We meet the Queen and her twin brother]

Me: Wow, golden boy.

Sis: Yeah, seriously. He looks like someone too, like...

Me: Oh, like that guy in that TNT or FX or something show about a firefighter?


Me: YES!

Sis: Yeah! Oh, and we just missed that part.

5. New Kids and Backstreet Boys performed as their new super-boyband NKOTBSB on Dancing with the Stars this week. I think it's the first time they've performed their admittedly catchy single "Don't Turn Out the Lights." It's pretty epic.

This weekend, a friend said he was waiting for this (our love of BSB) to become embarrassing, to which I replied, IT WILL NEVER BECOME EMBARRASSING.

Happy Friday, everyone! You ready for May?

What's your random this week?

P.S. The LA Times Book Festival is happening this weekend at USC. Anyone in the area going?

P.P.S. I think all this Royal Wedding coverage is a little crazy, but Anderson Cooper's coverage is pretty hilarious. I'm also going to sleep now (it being Thursday when I write this...well, technically Friday).


vic caswell said...

your guys' commentary is PRICELESS!!!!!
the hubs comment after the pilot, "i think the director needs to learn a new sexual position."
me- *speechless*
bahh hahha hahhahahaaaaa!!!!

Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, I needed to watch the pilot of Game of Thrones twice for the same reason! I'm totally into it now, though. Mildly obsessed might be putting it more accurately. ;)

Enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that many balding white men dancing together...ever. ;) I love that Howie still gets the bridge. And Nick still has the urge to strip.

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

love the commentary-- I don't have HBO so I'm still in the dark, but I can totally imagine it.

Sophia Chang said...

Uggghhh my eyes are killing me from having fake eyelash glue in them all day but I had to comment.

Your Game of Thrones sounds like my Incarceron.

And of course I had to stop reading b/c it was spoilering...;D

So, are you coming to Vegas with me for NKOTBSB or what?

ali cross said...

ROFL!!! That was FUN-NEE! *flails*

Seriously. :D

Angela said...

So you like hunting easter eggs more than a four year old? What can I say? You're young at heart.

Lydia Kang said...

That book fair sounds delish. Wish I could go. Thanks for the video. It makes me feel old, ha ha.