Vlogging in the Big Apple

Not gonna lie, I'm still on vacation hangover. Is it the weekend yet? Need. More. Rest. (Hanging out with Luce & going to the Two Door Cinema Club show with the sister last night probably didn't help. But yay, good music & company!)

That aside, I did miss you all! I know I owe a bunch of you replies and comments and emails, and I will do my best to get to them.

Anyway, here's my FIRST SOLO vlog that I did during some down time in NYC. It's a little weird because I'm typing the rest of this blog from my couch at home. This is like the closest I'll be to time travel!

Hope you enjoy!

In other news, before I left for vacation, I got my letter into Pottermore, got chosen by a wand (12.5 inches, dragon core, sycamore, surprisingly swishy!), and I was Sorted into RAVENCLAW. Just as I always suspected! At last count, we're beating the Slytherins in House points.

So, anyone else in Pottermore? Have you been sorted? Let's be friends! :)


Ariana Ferrone said...

Congrats on your Pottermore sorting! I can't wait to join. Also, you are adorable. ;_; <3

Alz said...

No wonder the the vlog was taking so long. You were making it super cute. I hereby forgive you 85% for not writing during that timespan.

ali cross said...

OMG you are so awesome! I already knew that though. Just wanted to go fangirl on you for a second ;)

And, from one stripe-ed hair girl to another, your hair is STELLAR.

I loved how you did the vlog, with the scrapbook thingie in there too. Look at you getting all vloggish!

And the Pottermore thingie sounds fun. Obviously, I am not a member ;)

Sophia Chang said...

haha it's totes easier with 2 people :) Cat looks so gorgeous!

I love how you have jazz playing - that's totally what I thought my life in NYC would be full of when I was a teenager. In actuality it was full of sirens and horns and truck rumblings.

Lydia Kang said...

OMG, you totally are bringing back memories. I went to Columbia and all my lit classes were in Hamilton! I miss St. John the Divine. I used to go there to be all angsty and self-reflective. Sigh.

Great vlog!

Emy Shin said...

Love your vlog! You're so adorable in it. And I think your new hair dye is really awesome. :)

linda said...

YAY Krispy! :D Awesome vlog! And your hair is so cool. Glad you had a great time!

Angela said...

Alexander Hamilton, be still my heart! I'm putting the back of my hand to my forehead right now. Can you see it? Great vlog. :)

Alicia Gregoire said...

Love the hair color. Did it take long to get it done that way?

Christina Farley said...

Wow! Congrats on the Pottermore sorting. So cool. I'm also very impressed by your vlog.