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"Currently..." updates will be every 2 weeks or so, since I cannot stick to the Tuesday schedule.

I found the Currently post at Kate Hart's blog, who got the idea from Amy Lukavics, who found it here. Please join in and link me in the comments if you do!

Another big update for ALL of August!

  • Swimming - I love being able to hop in the pool after work and trying to make Loki come with. He mostly just likes playing life guard.

  • Cute donuts and pretty tea drinks.
  • George Ezra concert (his voice is incredible live) & free Shakespeare at Griffith Park
  • Popsicles and colorful summer dresses.
  • This Loki as Loki commission we got at Comic Con from the wonderful folks at The Ninjabot!


  • Hannibal: This Saturday is the final ep of the season (and probably forever)! ;_;
  • iZombie: Finally almost caught up with this. Love the main cast and humor.
  • Mr. Robot: Saw1st ep when it aired & was very intrigued. Still catching up. Love Rami Malek.
  • Fear the Walking Dead: liked what we heard at the panel at SDCC. The pilot was kind of slow, but that was to be expected. Will continue tuning in.
  • Diary of a Teenage Girl (movie): Coming of age story set in the 70s, and it's weird, funny, and charming. And it's cool to see a girl's coming-of-age story that is about her budding sexuality. Also, got to see this in a screening room at Sony Studios, which was a cool experience.
  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (movie) : Fun popcorn flick. Rebecca Fuguson is the ish.
  • early screening of a movie I can't name but I liked it!!


Beta read- Excellent! I just need to find more time to read it!

VENGEANCE ROAD by Erin Bowman - Again, thanks to @Celeste_pewter, I have an ARC of this. Confession: Westerns are not my usual thing, but so far, I'm really enjoying the tale Erin is spinning!

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE Vol. 2 - I love this series with its modern twist on the nature of mythology and celebrity. This volume ends on such a cliffhanger that I'm tempted to just go by the next issue - but I must resist...

LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD Volumes 1 & 2 - I said no more comic books because I can't be buying more books than I already am, and I don't want to be starting too many of these. But the Sister bought these out of curiosity, and I couldn't resist. I'm hooked. No one should be surprised because Loki is my mistletoe. (Bear with me, I'm so pleased with that Norse mythology reference.)


Still obsessed with the Years & Years album. Am particularly taken with the song SHINE.


I'm not ready for summer to be over, but I'm also really excited about September and October! We've got fun September b-day stuff planned, concerts, and the HAMILTON cast album drops at the end of September.

Then in October, I'm going to see the play again! And go on vacation with my besties!!


  • My birthday bee donuts!

  • First time experiences - paddle boarding, hiking and brunching with Loki and friends.

  • Bright lipstick and bright walls


Fida Islaih said...

Those bee donuts look so cute!!

Miss Cole said...

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And those donuts are surely to previous to eat?

Who am I kidding? SEND SOME TO ENGLAND!!!! :D

Cat York said...

You had a fun summer!