5 Fandom Friday (25)

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This week's theme: Favorite Halloween Episodes of TV Shows

I'm actually terrible at remembering stuff like this, so instead, I'm just going to share 5 episodes of SUPERNATURAL that are particularly good for Halloween (since it's basically always Halloween on SPN).

1) It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester - Let's start with an actual Halloween episode. While this isn't one of the scariest episodes from the series, it's a great mix of the things that make the show so fun. You have Dean facing off with a kid dressed as an astronaut, classic SPN urban legend-based deaths and scares (razor blades in candy, anyone?), witches, demons, and a side of angels.

2) Bloody Mary - Maybe it's just because Bloody Mary was one of the scariest things I ever found out about in elementary school, but I still think this episode from Season 1 is one of SPN's scariest. Creepy woman-in-white-type angry spirit living in mirrors and gouging people's eyes out? Um, no.

3) Monster Movie - This is one of SPN's "fun" themed episodes, and it's great for Halloween because it features a bunch of classic horror movie monsters - Dracula, the Mummy, Wolf-Man. Fitting in with the theme, the episode is also completely in black & white, and we get a little more development from the monster-side of the story.

4) Everybody Loves a Clown - I'm mixing in fun and terrifying episodes of SPN. Again, this episode might only be terrifying to me because the clown they use is downright frightening. This was from Season 2 (the 1st 2 seasons have the scariest episodes), and not only features the clown, it also has a carnival and a chase through a Funhouse because OF COURSE.

(I was going to post a pic/gif of the clown here, but after looking at it for 2 seconds, I decided for my own sanity and for my great concern for you, I wasn't going to do it.)

5) Ghostfacers - This time of year, there are tons of ghost-hunting type shows playing on TV. The Sister and I love watching them, and so it was such a treat when SPN brought the format to their own show. It's great when SPN changes things up, and Ghostfacers was delightful because it perfectly spoofed ghost-hunting type shows while also giving us one of the scarier episodes of Supernatural. The endless birthday party in the basement? Nope!

What are your favorite Halloween (or Supernatural!) episodes?


Cateaclysmic said...

I love these eps so much, Monster Movie is so funny! Also I loved this week's SPN ep so much, totally reminded me of why I fell in love with this show xoxo

Anonymous said...

Alright, I know I'm really behind the times here, but you've convinced me that I need to watch Supernatural. I've only seen a handful of episodes but dang, these all look so good that I think I'll spend all weekend binge-watching!

Unknown said...

I love every episode of Supernatural. The show lends well to theme nights. My mom and I watched a night of jailbird episodes. I think that perhaps Yellow Fever might be my Halloween episode.