A Pep Talk from Past Me

Sometimes, when we need a little boost or kick in the pants, I think the universe has a way of helping us out. I'm not usually one to get too personal on the blog, but I thought this might be someone's helping hand, a pep talk for anyone going through a rough patch.

March last year was kind of rough for me emotionally. I was going through a funk, getting smacked around by the Quarter Life, and I didn't feel comfortable enough to talk about it. I've never been much of a talker anyway, preferring to keep my angst to myself. So I wrote a letter to my Future Self through futureme.org.

I forgot about this until I received an email in my inbox this past weekend from exactly one year ago. It's a pep talk that I don't quite need this March, but I did need the reminder to focus. I'm posting it here (minus the more personal bits) in case you need a pep talk today.

Happy Wednesday!


Dear FutureMe,

It's 2012, and they say it will be the end of the world. So if you're reading this, it's a good sign that the whole apocalypse thing was bogus.

I hope it's not the end of the world though because there's still so much we want to do, so much we haven't accomplished. You're feeling "old" this year, and a lot is changing in and around your life. I'm not going to lie, you're feeling a little left out, a little like you're being left behind.

You're treading water and hoping for a boat, but I guess what you really need to do is swim.

I'm telling you this because I know us. I know we have a hard time changing, and I know we're not as brave as we'd like to be. 

I hope when you read this, you've learned to be brave; you've learned to swim.

Because it's true what all those cheesy quotes and meaningful platitudes say. You can't wait for some Destiny to come find you. You can't wait for the right time. There's only the Now, and so far you've done the safe thing. You've stuck to the status quo. You've hoped and prayed for an adventure to fall in your lap. You've treaded water.

It's time to start swimming.

I know you have it in you to achieve what you want. You just have to concentrate. You have to focus and work your ass off to make this dream come true. I'm telling you this in case, a year from now, when you read this, you're still sitting in the same place, wondering when it'll be your turn. If you are in the same place, this is your kick in the pants. This is your wake up call.

Stop dreaming and start doing.

I'm rooting for you because this status quo is okay, but frankly it's kind of disappointing. Take some risks and it might make you happy. We have plenty of time, but it's not infinite. Right now, you're feeling disappointed, stagnant, and even a little alone. When you finally see this again, I hope you've begun to turn things around.

I may be your biggest critic, but I'm also your biggest, most faithful fan. I believe in you. So don't let anyone, not even life, get you down.

I'm taking back my opening statement. I do hope 2012 is the end of the world - the end of the world as we know it. Because we're going to shape a new one, the one of our choosing.

Swim towards that distant shore (are you sick of this metaphor yet?). I've got your back.

Much love.


Connie Keller said...

I'm so glad you're doing better this year!

I love the idea of sending yourself a letter of encouragement. Thanks for sharing your letter in hopes of helping us, your blog friends--encouragement is worth its weight in gold.

linda said...

aww, krispy! this is such a GREAT letter! and so timely for me, too. love the way you deal with tough times and the way you encourage yourself. maybe i should do something like this for future me, too -- to force myself to look past my current rough patch and imagine a happier future. maybe if i ever get around to starting that sekirt blog. :)

Unknown said...

Aww, this is great. I'm glad you're doing better, Krispy, and thanks for sharing this! :)

Sophia Chang said...

omg what a great idea! bookmarking the site now

I've done the Letter to Sophia, Age 10 before and that was really painful and cathartic and heartbreaking