NON-Randomosity on Fridays: Nano Update

Hello, hello, from Krispy and Alz!  Today we bring you a break from our normal Friday randomosity because we're both nanoing and should be nanoing right now except we're drafting this post reeeeal fast so that we'll keep to our regularly scheduled programming.

KRISPY: Beginnings are a sticking point for me. It's not the blank page that freaks me out; it's all the work that the beginning is supposed to do. Even then, I'm not so much worried about the hook as I am about setting the right tone. Trust me, I've gone off on things totally wrong because my beginning didn't set the right tone for the rest of it.

Basically, what I'm saying is it's been slow going. This NaNo, despite being more planned out than any other NaNo I've done, has been the hardest to start. However, word sprints are surprisingly helpful! They kind of stress me out more than I'd like, but it does force me to focus more and not get distracted by Tumblr every 2 sentences. I have Ani at Anime's Musings to thank for being my sprint partner these last two nights!

ALZ: I'm slightly less of a Wort Ungeheuer (word monster) this year because I wasn't planning on participating in Camp Nano, so my results are even less pretty than usual.  And usual means abysmal.  I've been having writing parties with Krispy that are the literary equivalent of frat parties with extra crack, only there's no actual drug or alcohol abuse and it's actually very quiet and all right, that was a crappy simile. This should give you an inkling of what my nanoing has been like.

All in all, our writing parties start with us inhaling a large amount of boba and/or frozen yogurt, complaining about not knowing things in our story, and then writing.

Q4U: How's your writing / NaNo-ing going?

P.S. By the way, for those of you who are good at identifying dialogue from movies, you should check out Ani's Dialogue/ Road-to-100 Followers Contest! It's fun, and you could win a $10 gift card for iTunes or Amazon!


shelly said...

The edits and rewrites to SS are coming along. Sometimes well. Sometimes not but it is moving along. My goal is to be finished with all that by the end of this month. Going to Europe in September.

Lydia Kang said...

Krispy: Beginnings scare the bejebus out of me. Just write a crappy first pages, and start revising. That's my advice.

Alz: I'd love to come to that party. I'd certainly add to your procrastinating.

I'm at the 1/3 mark of my MG. It's probably sheer and utter crap, but what the hey.

Connie Keller said...

It's hard, but I'm rooting for you both! You can do it!! And when you're really desperate, bribe yourself with chocolate.

Unknown said...

I should've joined you all for Camp Nano. I've an MG that I need to finish up real quick before the publisher who has it requests the rest! Nice to meet you and to know that I'm not the only one who procrastinates or gets sidetracked by the blasted internet!

linda said...

Krispy:I so hear you on beginnings. So far my NaNo is just a ton of different ones. Except now I've switched gears to working out a synopsis so I can expand each sentence or paragraph into a scene later.

Alz: You mean you usually write even MORE words?! I am in awe. And your writing parties sound awesome!

julie fedderson said...

Frozen yogurt writing parties sound awesome to me. Good luck!

julie fedderson said...
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Emy Shin said...

I hear you on beginnings, Krispy! I tend to write and rewrite and revise mine endlessly, because unless I can happily proceed to the second chapter without tearing my first to shred, I can't write on.

Writing parties with boba are the best! Yum!

Ariana Ferrone said...

Best of luck to the both of you, and may your fingers be ever energized! I hear boba helps with that. Give yourself permission to, you know, NOT BE PERFECT. That can come after. :)

ali cross said...

I had no idea it was a NaNo month! See what happens when I don't visit your blog?

But every month is a NiNo months for me ... so I guess it doesn't matter, lol!

This month I'm writing a YA Sci Fi. Plan to get in 80K this month. So far ... I'm not doing so well, lol! But I'm still working on it!

Good luck to you guys!

M Pax said...

I find just after the shiny beginning tough. I have to flounder until I find my footing again, then have to clean it up in revision.

I'm at the 1/3 point of one WIP. Chapter 2 of the other. Waiting on a different story to come back from my cp's.

Happy writing!

Christina Farley said...

I'm working on edits right now and tweaking my novel. It's going really well but it's more polishing stuff so it's not too hard. I don't even want to think about how much work my current wip is going to be though!