Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest

Are you ready to get your poetry on? I've got two poems for you today as part of A Nudge's post for Writing with Shelly's Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest!

People have been posting since Monday, so do check out some of the other links. Plus, there's like prizes or something if you participate in the blogfest. Here are the blogfest deets:

1. Follow Shelly's blog
2. Sign up by filling out the Linky at the bottom of this post
3. Write a Poem
(ANY kind of poem or you could even blog about 'why I hate poetry.' I'm cool with that.)
4. Post your poem the week of July 11th-14th (midnight PST)

What's with the poetry anyway? Well, back in the day, I used to fancy myself a poet. Then I realized I actually liked writing prose better (and was better at the whole prose thing).

But there is much to be said about poetry and much to be learned. Poetry is all about word choice and perfect phrasing. It teaches a lesson in restraint and cultivates an ear for the sound of language - for the rhythm, the rhyme, the flow of it.

So that's why I thought this blogfest was a fun and brilliant idea.

Here's an old favorite of mine - circa 2003. (Hopefully, the spacing shows up. It's a visual poem.)

Take Chase

Running, running
       Pushing leaping straining
Through platinum veiled night
Running, running, rushing

Through amber pooled forest paths
Running running singing
       Silver wisps and
                        Breaths of mist

Through shadows and fog

Eyes closed and
                             I run
                                           With wolves.

And here is a haiku from Alz, from a haiku collection apparently inspired by my Stories of Questionable Origin - circa 2009.

wish upon a star
wonder what you are -- oh shit
a fallen angel

Hope that tickled your poetic fancies. Let me know if you're blogfesting too. I'd love to read your succulent lines!

P.S. Don't forget to stop by on Friday when a Fairy Godmother will visit A Nudge as part of Danyelle Leafty's The Fairy Godmother Dilemma Blog Tour.

I've included the tour schedule to the left, but Danyelle is linking to each post on her blog.

Want to find out more about Danyelle's venture into Serial Novel-writing or her thoughts on why fairy tales are important?

Check out the first two stops on the blog tour!

As a bonus, Danyelle will be giving away e-book subscriptions to the Fairy Godmother Dilemma at each blog tour stop. So you have 10 chances to win.

P.P.S. Who else is RIDIC excited about the last Harry Potter movie?! Expect pictures next week!


Merc said...

Hehe, the haiku made me laugh. ;)

Tere Kirkland said...

I almost got my poetry on, but it's too tight! ;) It's been a few years since I tried my hand. I'm horrible with poetry, but I love your running with wolves poem.

Alz's haiku made me snort.

Prose FTW! *kidding*

Angela Cothran said...

I loved the visual of Take Chase :) I could feel the breeze. Nice job.

Summer Ross said...

The haiku was funny. The poem about breaking free left an impression. Thank you for sharing.


Ariana Ferrone said...

I tried so hard to write poetry as an angst-riddled teen but it never really worked out. I do like to make up haiku though.

I love your poem, and how 'amber' is the only 'warm' image in a poem full of 'cool' ones.

And I can't wait for Friday! :D :D :D

Unknown said...

I loved your visual poem! Very beautiful!

M Pax said...

The first touched me and the second made me laugh. So you nudged my emotions both times. :D Nice meeting you.

A.M.Supinger said...

I love Take Chase - it's so suspenseful! I kept wondering why we're running...and then you answer my question perfectly. And your Haiku was totally giggle-worthy :)

Amy said...

Great poem! :)

Lydia Kang said...

So excited about HP!

I loved the poems. The haiku made me laugh and the first one had such a great urgency to it.

ali cross said...

ROFL! Alz's poem cracked me up.

And Krispy, I loved yours. This line: Silver wisps and/ Breaths of mist, best of all. Beautiful!

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Aw, I wish I could write decent poetry. These were lovely. The second was hilarious!

Unknown said...

I love the "platinum veiled night" and much liked the way the words "ran" across the page/screen.

I'm with you though, prose is definitely what I feel more comfortable with.

Sophia Chang said...

haha Alz, how I love her.

I'm really glad you posted this!

Kimberly Krey said...

Those were beautiful! I loved them both. The chase was fun and exciting. The haiku made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

The haiku made me giggle, and I liked the way the running poem ran all over the page!

I put up my silly poem on Monday, this has been fun!

Tara Tyler said...

cool. that you. made me take
breaths. to read it!

scribbleandedit.blogspot.co.uk said...

Great haiku. Fun poem :O)

Christine Tyler said...

this makes me want to run with wolves too! very emotive.

Golden Eagle said...

I love the "Silver wisps and breaths of mist" part of Take Chase, with all the "s"s.

LOL at the haiku.

Anonymous said...

Had an LOL moment with the haiku. Thanks!!

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

I liked them both but for very different reasons :) You, lady make me laugh! Thanks for joining on and joining early when I thought that maybe I had come up with the stupidest blogfest ever and noone will want to join- then looky, looky, Krispy comes to my rescue!
Thanks :D

Randy said...

I enjoyed the concept of running with the wolves and the visual element of the poem.

Randy Lindsay

Randy said...

I enjoyed the concept of running with the wolves and the visual element as well.

Simon Kewin said...

Very nice - I loved the layout of the poem and its sense of movement. Haiku funny too!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Love the running poem! and the haiku made me chuckle.

Angela said...

I like how your words literally break free from form, almost jumping right off the page. So creative.

Anonymous said...

Oh, visual poems are my favorite! Love the line, "Silver wisps and - Breaths of mist". So beautiful.

julie fedderson said...

The haiku was too funny!

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

That's a funny haiku. I like the images of the first poem. The movement is very powerful.

Allison said...

I love how the running one LOOKS. I think the shape of a poem is a major part of the appeal.