NaNoWriMo has commenced!

And I'm already behind! My word count as of right now is a grand total of 0. I blame this on having maybe a little too much fun on Halloween, major house cleaning on Nov. 1, and beginning of the month work madness today.

Oh and you know how I said I was going to outline? Um, that DIDN'T HAPPEN. So far, I think only 3 people have names in my NaNo, and one of them has 2 names. I DON'T KNOW HOW THAT HAPPENED, but it did. It's okay though because I think I have a better idea of the plot this year than I did last year, and I've always kept everything trapped in my head anyway (ask Alz; I tell her nothing).

Speaking of Alz, the Word Ungeheuer and Mind-Boggling OVERACHIEVER, do you know what that woman's writerly output was on the first day of NaNo? You ready for this? 10,515. Yes, that's 1000 words TEN TIMES, plus 500. I kid you not. I don't know how she does this, and frankly, I gave up trying to figure it out a long time ago like back in high school when I refused to sit anywhere near her during Advanced Placement testing in order to avoid hearing her page-flips as she blazed out those essay answers.

Anyway, I ought to go write now before I get even more behind. But it's okay guys. That's just how I roll. Apparently, I masochistically like having dead-heat races to the finish with deadlines.

My friend, who I badgered, coaxed, and begged into doing Nano is signed up. She and I sort of operate the same way with this whole starting off behind thing. Friend her and cheer her on here: Evaleva!

Oh and before these become too out-of-season, Halloween pictures since it was kind of epic, and no lie, I talked and thought about Nanowrimo while I was out being ridiculous. Also, I now have a cool new reference for settings, The Edison.

In which I found a killer White Rabbit and fell down a rabbit hole...

The Edison in Los Angeles is super cool, by the way. It used to be an electric plant, so it's still themed that way, which makes it very atmospheric. It's kind of industrial and old-fashioned and very steampunk - PERFECT for Halloween.

Indeed, I saw some steamers, including this awesome time traveler-type guy (or something?). There were cool decorations/displays (i.e. heads in glass cases) and dancers in costume, including amazing ones on stilts.

Oh and of course, no Alice in Wonderland story is complete without random meetings with these characters:

I don't know these people at all, but they pulled me in for a spontaneous photo op and it was awesome. Okay, and the kicker: my name is Alice. It was about time this happened.

That's all to my randomosity. Hope you all had fun and safe Halloweens and are being very productive writers. I'm off to name some characters!


David de Beer said...

But, Krispy-chan,characters don't need names!
Call them Dude1 and Dudette2, or Bob1/2/3 and Mary-Sue1/2/3,etc. Also? Calling your characters stuff like "so the guy with the long blond hair and nasty smirk walks into the room," is a sort of word cheat and noticeably longer than, say, "Alex walked into the room."

And plot? pfft,on plot, I say. Hollywood has done just fine without plot for decades.

All that aside, good luck to you,Alz and all the other nanowrimoers.

Alz said...

David, what you just said is nearly EXACTLY what I told Krispy in the first place. Name your characters Mr. Personman and That Guy until you come up with something better! And remember, it's wordcount that counts above all else! Perhaps with two people telling her this, she will capitulate...

Thanks for the luck-wishing. Are you nanoing too? If so, good luck too--and if not, good luck with your regular writing. :D

David de Beer said...

eh, no, I don't nano. Tried to, and no, nano is for hardier folk than me:)

Merc said...

Awesome pics! :D

Names? What, everyone doesn't just do [name1] or [random dude's name] and move on? O:)

Find and replace is your friend, Krispy One!

My grand total of words in Nov is 1k. O:) So hey, I'll join you in being behind in wc even if not officially doing Nano. :P